April Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

March 29 - April 1, 2012 - Completed

Open Spiel, 4 game guarantee, 56 team maximum. Largest Spiel of the season, not to be missed!!! Entry fee due by March 1st. All teams must be able to start at 11am on Friday. Theme this year is nautical.

Winning team in bold. Time is link to detailed scoring if available.

Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Thursday6:00 pm A1. Volkmeister vs. Mattea Lightweights W:A29, L:B1 A3. Ryan Doerfler vs. Snakes on a Boat W:A30, L:B2 A5. Shoesmith vs. Amy Towillis W:A31, L:B3 A4. Ken Mabbatt vs. Shelby Sweet W:A30, L:B2 A2. Jolly Roger Thomas vs. Jay Blackburn W:A29, L:B1
8:15 pm A9. Cory Yalowicki vs. Miyo Konno W:A33, L:B5 A8. Sauced Sailors vs. Jiyoung Lee W:A32, L:B4 A6. Scott McLean vs. Darrick Kizlyk W:A31, L:B3 A7. Brady Clark vs. Steve Harvey W:A32, L:B4 A10. Georges Bombezin vs. Guz Ahoy W:A33, L:B5
10:30 pm A11. Patrick Connolly vs. Rubarkillshto W:A34, L:B6 A14. Rock Da Boat vs. Jaws 5: The Hammer W:A35, L:B7 A12. Claire Bonin vs. Larry Weir W:A34, L:B6 A15. Melton vs. Dean Eriksen W:A36, L:B8 A13. Trailer Park Boys vs. Darryl Pahl W:A35, L:B7
Friday11:00 am A16. Rick Manifold vs. Sam Galey W:A36, L:B8 A19. Ken Millar vs. Linda Palm W:A38, L:B10 A20. Ron Leake vs. Tara Clark W:A38, L:B10 A17. Marlene Jeffries vs. Team Jaws W:A37, L:B9 A18. Kendall Jessiman vs. Cold Stone W:A37, L:B9
1:00 pm A25. Chris Ewert vs. Jim DeGeer W:A41, L:B13 A22. Heather Kyllo vs. Glenn Allan W:A39, L:B11 A23. Caped Crusaders vs. Ken Richard W:A40, L:B12 A21. Jun Kamata vs. Don McMullen W:A39, L:B11 A24. Ron Bilodeau vs. Randy Balfour W:A40, L:B12
3:00 pm A30. Snakes on a Boat vs. Ken Mabbatt W:A43, L:C13 A26. Matt Panoussi vs. Randall Noble W:A41, L:B13 A29. Mattea Lightweights vs. Jay Blackburn W:A43, L:C8 A28. Rusty Nails vs. Granite CC W:A42, L:B14 A27. Elisha Yager vs. Steve Liske W:A42, L:B14
5:00 pm A32. Brady Clark vs. Sauced Sailors W:A44, L:C11 A34. Rubarkillshto vs. Larry Weir W:A45, L:C9 A33. Miyo Konno vs. Guz Ahoy W:A45, L:C10 A35. Trailer Park Boys vs. Jaws 5: The Hammer W:A46, L:C14 A31. Shoesmith vs. Darrick Kizlyk W:A44, L:C12
7:00 pm A38. Ken Millar vs. Ron Leake W:A47, L:C3 A37. Marlene Jeffries vs. Cold Stone W:A47, L:C2 A36. Dean Eriksen vs. Sam Galey W:A46, L:C1 A40. Ken Richard vs. Randy Balfour W:A48, L:C5 A39. Don McMullen vs. Glenn Allan W:A48, L:C4
9:00 pm B2. Ryan Doerfler vs. Shelby Sweet W:B15, L:C2 B1. Volkmeister vs. Jolly Roger Thomas W:B15, L:C1 A42. Steve Liske vs. Rusty Nails W:A49, L:C7 A41. Chris Ewert vs. Matt Panoussi W:A49, L:C6 B3. Amy Towillis vs. Scott McLean W:B16, L:C3
11:00 pm B4. Steve Harvey vs. Jiyoung Lee W:B16, L:C4 B5. Cory Yalowicki vs. Georges Bombezin W:B17, L:C5 B7. Darryl Pahl vs. Rock Da Boat W:B18, L:C7 B6. Patrick Connolly vs. Claire Bonin W:B17, L:C6 B8. Melton vs. Rick Manifold W:B18, L:C8
Saturday1:00 am B9. Team Jaws vs. Kendall Jessiman W:B19, L:C9 B12. Caped Crusaders vs. Ron Bilodeau W:B20, L:C12 B13. Jim DeGeer vs. Randall Noble W:B21, L:C13 B10. Linda Palm vs. Tara Clark W:B19, L:C10 B11. Jun Kamata vs. Heather Kyllo W:B20, L:C11
3:00 am C1. Dean Eriksen vs. Volkmeister W:C15, L:D1 B14. Elisha Yager vs. Granite CC W:B21, L:C14 C4. Glenn Allan vs. Steve Harvey W:C16, L:D4 C3. Ken Millar vs. Amy Towillis W:C16, L:D3 C2. Marlene Jeffries vs. Ryan Doerfler W:C15, L:D2
7:00 am B17. Cory Yalowicki vs. Patrick Connolly W:B23, L:D10 B16. Scott McLean vs. Jiyoung Lee W:B22, L:D8 B15. Jolly Roger Thomas vs. Shelby Sweet W:B22, L:D6 B18. Rock Da Boat vs. Rick Manifold W:B23, L:D12 C5. Ken Richard vs. Georges Bombezin W:C17, L:D5
9:00 am A45. Guz Ahoy vs. Rubarkillshto W:A51, L:D7 A43. Jay Blackburn vs. Ken Mabbatt W:A50, L:D9 C6. Matt Panoussi vs. Claire Bonin W:C17, L:D6 A44. Darrick Kizlyk vs. Sauced Sailors W:A50, L:D5 B19. Team Jaws vs. Tara Clark W:B26, L:D14
11:00 am B21. Randall Noble vs. Elisha Yager W:B24, L:D4 A46. Trailer Park Boys vs. Sam Galey W:A51, L:D3 A47. Cold Stone vs. Ron Leake W:A52, L:D11 B20. Heather Kyllo vs. Ron Bilodeau W:B24, L:D2 C7. Rusty Nails vs. Darryl Pahl W:C18, L:D7
1:00 pm C12. Shoesmith vs. Caped Crusaders W:C20, L:D12 C11. Brady Clark vs. Jun Kamata W:C20, L:D11 C14. Jaws 5: The Hammer vs. Granite CC W:C21, L:D14 C8. Mattea Lightweights vs. Melton W:C18, L:D8 C13. Snakes on a Boat vs. Jim DeGeer W:C21, L:D13
3:00 pm   A49. Chris Ewert vs. Steve Liske W:A54, L:D1 A48. Don McMullen vs. Randy Balfour W:A52, L:D13 C9. Larry Weir vs. Kendall Jessiman W:C19, L:D9 C10. Miyo Konno vs. Linda Palm W:C19, L:D10
5:00 pm B22. Jolly Roger Thomas vs. Jiyoung Lee W:B25 B23. Cory Yalowicki vs. Rick Manifold W:B25 B24. Heather Kyllo vs. Elisha Yager W:B26 C15. Volkmeister vs. Marlene Jeffries W:C22 C16. Ken Millar vs. Steve Harvey W:C22
7:00 pm C17. Georges Bombezin vs. Matt Panoussi W:C25 D7. Guz Ahoy vs. Darryl Pahl W:D17 A50. Ken Mabbatt vs. Sauced Sailors W:A53 A51. Rubarkillshto vs. Sam Galey W:A53 D11. Cold Stone vs. Jun Kamata W:D19
9:00 pm D9. Jay Blackburn vs. Larry Weir W:D18 D10. Patrick Connolly vs. Linda Palm W:D18 C18. Rusty Nails vs. Mattea Lightweights W:C23 A52. Ron Leake vs. Randy Balfour W:A54 D8. Scott McLean vs. Melton W:D17
11:00 pm D5. Darrick Kizlyk vs. Ken Richard W:D16 C19. Kendall Jessiman vs. Miyo Konno W:C23 C20. Brady Clark vs. Caped Crusaders W:C24 D4. Randall Noble vs. Glenn Allan W:D15 D6. Shelby Sweet vs. Claire Bonin W:D16
Sunday1:00 am D14. Tara Clark vs. Granite CC W:D20 D2. Ron Bilodeau vs. Ryan Doerfler W:D21 D3. Trailer Park Boys vs. Amy Towillis W:D15 D13. Don McMullen vs. Jim DeGeer W:D20 D12. Rock Da Boat vs. Shoesmith W:D19
3:00 am   C21. Snakes on a Boat vs. Jaws 5: The Hammer W:C24 D17. Darryl Pahl vs. Scott McLean W:D23 D1. Steve Liske vs. Dean Eriksen W:D21  
7:00 am D15. Trailer Park Boys vs. Glenn Allan W:D22 D16. Ken Richard vs. Shelby Sweet W:D22 D18. Larry Weir vs. Patrick Connolly W:D23 D19. Jun Kamata vs. Rock Da Boat W:D24 D20. Don McMullen vs. Tara Clark W:D24
9:00 am C22. Marlene Jeffries vs. Steve Harvey W:C25 A53. Sauced Sailors vs. Sam Galey W:A55 A54. Chris Ewert vs. Ron Leake W:A55 C23. Rusty Nails vs. Miyo Konno W:C26 C24. Caped Crusaders vs. Snakes on a Boat W:C26
11:00 am D23. Scott McLean vs. Patrick Connolly W:D26 D24. Rock Da Boat vs. Don McMullen W:D26 D21. Steve Liske vs. Ron Bilodeau W:D25 B25. Jiyoung Lee vs. Cory Yalowicki W:B27 D22. Glenn Allan vs. Shelby Sweet W:D25
1:30 pm C26. Miyo Konno vs. Caped Crusaders W:C27 D25. Steve Liske vs. Shelby Sweet W:D27 C25. Matt Panoussi vs. Steve Harvey W:C27 B26. Team Jaws vs. Elisha Yager W:B27 D26. Patrick Connolly vs. Rock Da Boat W:D27
4:00 pm D27. Steve Liske vs. Patrick Connolly C27. Matt Panoussi vs. Miyo Konno B27. Cory Yalowicki vs. Elisha Yager A55. Sauced Sailors vs. Chris Ewert  

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