April Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

April 3-6, 2014 - Completed

Open Spiel, 4 game guarantee, 56 team maximum. Largest Spiel of the season, not to be missed!!! Entry fee due by March 1st. All teams must be able to start at 11am on Friday. This year's theme is Viva Las Vegas Baby!

Winning team in bold. Time is link to detailed scoring if available.

Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Thursday6:00 pm A1. Steve Demlow vs. Sam Galey W:A27, L:B1 A2. Pole Dancers vs. Cigarette Girls W:A27, L:B1 A3. The Hungover Wolf Pack vs. Frozen Four W:A28, L:B2 A4. Lightweight Sheetkickers vs. Jun Kamata W:A28, L:B2 A5. David Aronson vs. Siegfried, Roy & 4 Tiggers W:A29, L:B3
8:00 pm A7. Stacked vs. David Smith W:A30, L:B4 A10. Stack in the 4th vs. Ken Mabbatt W:A31, L:B5 A6. David Matias vs. Brady Clark W:A29, L:B3 A9. John Shoesmith vs. Rocks Direct2U W:A31, L:B5 A8. La Machina Verde vs. Elizabeth Matthews W:A30, L:B4
10:00 pm A11. Pit Bosses vs. Joel Erstad W:A32, L:B6 A13. Jay c. Blackburn vs. Cory Yalowicki W:A33, L:B7 A14. Flying Elvises vs. Canadian Beaver Trader W:A33, L:B7 A12. Sharon Vukich vs. David DeBois W:A32, L:B6  
Friday11:00 am A15. David Cornfield vs. Casey Macaulay W:A34, L:B9 A16. gord moore vs. Leeanne Chandler W:A34, L:B9 A17. Kendall Jessiman vs. Legally Stoned W:A35, L:B10 A18. Mike Greenberg vs. Justin McBride W:A35, L:B10 A19. John Coyne vs. Massive Stones W:A36, L:B11
1:00 pm A24. Rusty Nails vs. Tyler Klymchuk W:A38, L:B12 A22. Ron Bilodeau vs. Pink Lightning W:A37, L:B8 A21. The Rat Pack vs. Jennifer Zbinden W:A37, L:B8 A23. Sweepless In Seattle vs. Strathdee W:A38, L:B12 A20. Elisha Yager vs. Jason Diduck W:A36, L:B11
3:00 pm A28. The Hungover Wolf Pack vs. Jun Kamata W:A40, L:C13 A29. Siegfried, Roy & 4 Tiggers vs. Brady Clark W:A41, L:C12 A27. Steve Demlow vs. Pole Dancers W:A40, L:C13 A26. Miyo Konno vs. Bi-Sweptuals W:A39, L:B13 A25. Randall Noble vs. Sloppy Whoppers W:A39, L:B13
5:00 pm A31. John Shoesmith vs. Stack in the 4th W:A42, L:C10 A30. David Smith vs. La Machina Verde W:A41, L:C11 A32. Joel Erstad vs. David DeBois W:A42, L:C9 A33. Jay c. Blackburn vs. Canadian Beaver Trader W:A43, L:C8 A34. Casey Macaulay vs. gord moore W:A43, L:C7
7:00 pm A35. Kendall Jessiman vs. Mike Greenberg W:A44, L:C7 A36. John Coyne vs. Elisha Yager W:A44, L:C6 A38. Sweepless In Seattle vs. Tyler Klymchuk W:A48, L:C5 A37. The Rat Pack vs. Pink Lightning W:A47, L:C6 B1. Sam Galey vs. Cigarette Girls W:B14, L:C1
9:00 pm B2. Frozen Four vs. Lightweight Sheetkickers W:B14, L:C1 B3. David Aronson vs. David Matias W:B15, L:C2 B5. Rocks Direct2U vs. Ken Mabbatt W:B16, L:C3 B4. Stacked vs. Elizabeth Matthews W:B15, L:C2 B6. Pit Bosses vs. Sharon Vukich W:B16, L:C3
11:00 pm B10. Legally Stoned vs. Justin McBride W:B18, L:C9 B11. Massive Stones vs. Jason Diduck W:B22, L:C10 B9. David Cornfield vs. Leeanne Chandler W:B18, L:C8 B8. Jennifer Zbinden vs. Ron Bilodeau W:B17, L:C4 B7. Cory Yalowicki vs. Flying Elvises W:B17, L:C4
Saturday3:00 am C3. Rocks Direct2U vs. Pit Bosses W:C15, L:D5 B12. Strathdee vs. Rusty Nails W:B19, L:C11 B13. Randall Noble vs. Miyo Konno W:B19, L:C12 C1. Cigarette Girls vs. Frozen Four W:C14, L:D4 C2. David Matias vs. Elizabeth Matthews W:C14, L:D4
7:00 am A41. Brady Clark vs. La Machina Verde W:A45, L:D3 B14. Sam Galey vs. Lightweight Sheetkickers W:B20, L:D10 A39. Sloppy Whoppers vs. Bi-Sweptuals W:A48, L:C5 A40. Steve Demlow vs. Jun Kamata W:A45, L:D1 B15. David Aronson vs. Stacked W:B20, L:D7
9:00 am A43. Canadian Beaver Trader vs. Casey Macaulay W:A46, L:D2 B17. Cory Yalowicki vs. Jennifer Zbinden W:B21, L:D11 A44. Kendall Jessiman vs. Elisha Yager W:A47, L:D2 B16. Ken Mabbatt vs. Sharon Vukich W:B21, L:D8 A42. John Shoesmith vs. Joel Erstad W:A46, L:D3
11:00 am C4. Flying Elvises vs. Ron Bilodeau W:C15, L:D5 B18. David Cornfield vs. Justin McBride W:B24, L:D12 C6. John Coyne vs. The Rat Pack W:C20, L:D6 C7. gord moore vs. Mike Greenberg W:C21, L:D7 C10. Stack in the 4th vs. Massive Stones W:C17, L:D10
1:00 pm C5. Tyler Klymchuk vs. Sloppy Whoppers W:C20, L:D6 C9. David DeBois vs. Legally Stoned W:C16, L:D9 C11. David Smith vs. Rusty Nails W:C17, L:D11 B19. Strathdee vs. Miyo Konno W:B22, L:D9 C8. Jay c. Blackburn vs. Leeanne Chandler W:C16, L:D8
3:00 pm C12. Siegfried, Roy & 4 Tiggers vs. Randall Noble W:C18, L:D12 A47. Pink Lightning vs. Elisha Yager W:A50, L:D14 B20. Lightweight Sheetkickers vs. Stacked W:B23 A48. Sweepless In Seattle vs. Bi-Sweptuals W:A50, L:D1 C13. Pole Dancers vs. The Hungover Wolf Pack W:C18, L:D13
5:00 pm B21. Sharon Vukich vs. Jennifer Zbinden W:B23 C14. Cigarette Girls vs. David Matias W:C19 A45. Steve Demlow vs. La Machina Verde W:A49 A46. John Shoesmith vs. Canadian Beaver Trader W:A49 C15. Rocks Direct2U vs. Flying Elvises W:C19
8:00 pm C17. Stack in the 4th vs. Rusty Nails W:C22 D7. David Aronson vs. Mike Greenberg W:D16 B22. Jason Diduck vs. Miyo Konno W:B24, L:D13 C20. Sloppy Whoppers vs. The Rat Pack W:C23 D6. Tyler Klymchuk vs. John Coyne W:D16
10:00 pm D9. Strathdee vs. Legally Stoned W:D17 D8. Ken Mabbatt vs. Jay c. Blackburn W:D17 C16. Leeanne Chandler vs. David DeBois W:C21 D10. Sam Galey vs. Massive Stones W:D18 D11. Cory Yalowicki vs. David Smith W:D18
Sunday12:00 am D4. Frozen Four vs. Elizabeth Matthews W:D15 D3. Brady Clark vs. Joel Erstad W:D14 C18. Randall Noble vs. Pole Dancers W:C22 D5. Pit Bosses vs. Ron Bilodeau W:D15 D2. Casey Macaulay vs. Kendall Jessiman W:D20
2:00 am D16. Tyler Klymchuk vs. David Aronson W:D22 D13. Jason Diduck vs. The Hungover Wolf Pack W:D19   D12. Justin McBride vs. Siegfried, Roy & 4 Tiggers W:D19 D1. Jun Kamata vs. Sweepless In Seattle W:D20
7:00 am D18. Sam Galey vs. David Smith W:D23 D15. Elizabeth Matthews vs. Ron Bilodeau W:D21 D14. Elisha Yager vs. Joel Erstad W:D21 D19. Siegfried, Roy & 4 Tiggers vs. The Hungover Wolf Pack W:D23 D17. Jay c. Blackburn vs. Strathdee W:D22
9:00 am C21. gord moore vs. David DeBois W:C24 A49. La Machina Verde vs. Canadian Beaver Trader W:A51 A50. Pink Lightning vs. Bi-Sweptuals W:A51 C19. David Matias vs. Flying Elvises W:C23 C22. Rusty Nails vs. Pole Dancers W:C24
11:00 am D20. Sweepless In Seattle vs. Casey Macaulay W:D24 B23. Stacked vs. Sharon Vukich W:B25 D21. Joel Erstad vs. Ron Bilodeau W:D24 D22. David Aronson vs. Jay c. Blackburn W:D25 D23. David Smith vs. Siegfried, Roy & 4 Tiggers W:D25
1:00 pm C23. Flying Elvises vs. Sloppy Whoppers W:C25 D25. David Aronson vs. Siegfried, Roy & 4 Tiggers W:D26 C24. gord moore vs. Pole Dancers W:C25 B24. David Cornfield vs. Miyo Konno W:B25 D24. Casey Macaulay vs. Joel Erstad W:D26
3:00 pm D26. Joel Erstad vs. Siegfried, Roy & 4 Tiggers C25. Sloppy Whoppers vs. Pole Dancers B25. Stacked vs. Miyo Konno A51. La Machina Verde vs. Bi-Sweptuals  

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