2009 US Mixed Doubles Championship

Two Harbors Curling Club

December 4-7, 2008 - Completed

A replay of the 2009 US Mixed Doubles as a test of the GCC Scoring system.

Winning team in bold. Time is link to detailed scoring if available.

Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4
Thursday11:00 am Cornfield vs. Pickle Haskell vs. Hoffoss Read vs. Gebert Lemke vs. Ryan
2:00 pm Haworth vs. Konno Potter vs. Summer Gibeau vs. Delaney Clark vs. Hemenway
5:00 pm Gebert vs. Ryan Read vs. Lemke Haskell vs. Cornfield Hoffoss vs. Pickle
8:00 pm Delaney vs. Hemenway Gibeau vs. Clark Potter vs. Haworth Summer vs. Konno
Friday8:00 am Read vs. Haskell Pickle vs. Ryan Gebert vs. Hoffoss Cornfield vs. Lemke
11:00 am Gibeau vs. Potter Konno vs. Hemenway Delaney vs. Summer Haworth vs. Clark
2:00 pm Ryan vs. Hoffoss Cornfield vs. Read Lemke vs. Pickle Haskell vs. Gebert
5:00 pm Hemenway vs. Summer Haworth vs. Gibeau Clark vs. Konno Potter vs. Delaney
8:00 pm Haskell vs. Lemke Gebert vs. Pickle Cornfield vs. Ryan Read vs. Hoffoss
Saturday8:00 am Potter vs. Clark Delaney vs. Konno Haworth vs. Hemenway Gibeau vs. Summer
11:00 am Pickle vs. Read Ryan vs. Haskell Hoffoss vs. Lemke Gebert vs. Cornfield
2:00 pm Konno vs. Gibeau Hemenway vs. Potter Summer vs. Clark Delaney vs. Haworth
5:00 pm Lemke vs. Gebert Hoffoss vs. Cornfield Pickle vs. Haskell Ryan vs. Read
8:00 pm Clark vs. Delaney Summer vs. Haworth Konno vs. Potter Hemenway vs. Gibeau
Sunday9:00 am Haskell vs. Konno   Clark vs. Lemke  
12:00 pm   Clark vs. Haskell    
Color Key: Pool A Pool B

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