2016-2017 Thursday Morning Open


A great league if you have a flexible work schedule, are a stay-at-home parent, or are retired and have a few hours to spare. It's a great league for curlers of all abilities and is very welcoming to brand new curlers. The curling is followed by lunch and you can be on your way by no later than 1:00PM. Some lunches follow a seasonal theme like Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, or St Patrick's Day but most are just a plain old hardy lunch to enable you to socialize with your fellow curlers and then get you on your way for the balance of your day.

2016-2017 Wednesday Mixed Doubles


Try out the newest Olympic curling sport. Mixed Doubles has two person teams - one man, one woman - and modified rules. Wednesday Mixed Doubles is intended for curlers who want to have fun playing Mixed Doubles but who aren't yet at competitive level. Don't have a team? Sign up as an individual and the league manager will help you to find a partner. This is a full-season league.

2016-2017 Tuesday Open Supper League


Tuesday Supper League (formerly known as Tuesday Open) is a fun social league where curling teams are mixed up week by week - but the important thing is that everyone is on a consistent Supper team! It's an excellent league for new curlers, since you'll get to play with a lot of different people who can each teach you something new about the game. Supper teams take turns making meals for the league and eat while watching the Super League which happens right after their league time. This league might just be the most fun league at Granite!

2016-2017 Monday Open


Monday Open is a great way to start your week! It's a very social league that has both new and experienced curlers. Teams are formed by the league manager to create balanced competition across the league. Requests to play with another person can usually be honored. Teams are mixed up halfway through the season. Teams take turns bringing in dinner for the league.

2016-2017 Sunday Mixed


This league uses the true mixed format, which is two men and two women per team. You can sign up as a team, or as an individual and the league manager will put you on a team. The league has a wide variety of skill levels and is great for experienced and newer curlers.

2016-2017 Sunday Novice


This casual league is a great place to learn the sport of curling and improve your skills. All are welcome, but curlers with less than two years of experience or who have never had a class will benefit most. Our first hour we learn a practice drill targeting a specific skill; the second hour we play a game where you can try playing a new position. Teams change week-by-week. This league only meets on certain Sundays; check the club calendar. Ask the league manager if you have questions about whether this is right for you!