5 and Under Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

January 18-19, 2020 - Upcoming

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SPIEL IS FULL - WAITLIST IS FULL. Exclusively for Granite Curling Club members that have curled five years or less, this unique event always fills up quickly, so register and pay your fee now! Signups are on an individual basis - $50 per person. Your spot is not confirmed until payment has been made. Registration fee is non-refundable after January 5th, 2020.

Teams - 15

Team Name First Game Members
REO Speed-curling Saturday 9:45 am Chad Johnson, Adam DeConinck, Heather Burton, Eric Rimby, Steve Corcoran (coach)
Spiel Pros Saturday 9:45 am Alecia Burke, Grace Ku, John Canning, Daryl Duchamre, Chris Sherry (coach)
Fleetwood Hack Saturday 9:45 am Mike Taylor, Alex Chow, Peter Garbes, Lydia Ansari, Lisa Rugen (coach)
Curlvana Saturday 8:30 am Jenny Evans, Kelly Scherr, Sally Walker, Greg Schmidt, Geoff McAlpin (coach)
Runback DMC Saturday 8:30 am Mike Williams, Kellen Chow, Matt McLaughlin, Chris Riley, Bill Rugen (coach)
Slide and the Family Stone Saturday 9:45 am Erik Sanders, Bryan Reich, Ian McQuistion, Morgan Steinert, Tim Eng (coach)
Curl Jam Saturday 8:30 am Alex Zimmerman, Eun Ji An, Johnathan Metz, Locke Curfman, John Harrison (coach)
Bonspiel Jovi Saturday 8:30 am Neal Digre, Scott Laidlaw, Katie Moran, Jason Colby, Nicole Sampson (coach)
LL Curl J Saturday 8:30 am Billy Duss, Rachel Lin, Kaitlyn McQuistion, Eric Kulcyk, Jordan Williams (coach)
Four Non Blondespiel Saturday 8:30 am Melanie Zahn, Sam O'Mullane, Rick Mathis, Suzanne Sowinska, Adam Seymour (coach)
Hammer Time Saturday 9:45 am Bowen Zheng, Brent Burton, Deborah Sharpe, Heidi Kiliany, Shelby Sweet (coach)
Florida Georgia Hogline Saturday 8:30 am James Cramer, Cheryl McGuire, Lucas Call, Rodd Kiliany, Phil Shryock (coach)
Hit and Rolling Stones Saturday 8:30 am Will Dimmit, Andrew Tobin, Marc Reisenberg, Iskender Kulshan, Greg Schatzman (coach)
Spice Curls Saturday 8:30 am Kathy Justice, June Fox, Lisa Daniels, Alex Frostad, Jacqueline Clark (coach)
Crowded Big House Saturday 8:30 am Chris Butler, Jeff Bell, Suzanne McLaughlin, John Edwards, Lori Markham (coach)