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August 30, 2012 - 8:25pm -- Doug Potter

Discussion about this web site.

Chris Parsons, Nicole Way, and I have been working hard to prepare this web site for launch. Part of that process is giving you a chance to see it - and giving us your (constructive) thoughts, questions, and suggestions. Please let us know what you think.

Comment by Doug Potter on

If you are a GCC member, we've created an account for you. However - you will have to set the password. Go to Request Password, enter your user name (your first and last name) or your email, and press the E-mail new password button.

In spite of what it says, the mail does not have a password. Instead, it has link that you follow to login and set your password.

Once logged in, you can see menu items only available to members - and you can view and edit your user information - including your phone numbers and address.

Comment by Doug Potter on

I love the new format and the visual design. Nice work!

Comment by Chris Rimple on

Just found a small bug: the Subject for a Comment is not displayed, only the Comment itself is shown.

Comment by Chris Rimple on

As I work as a webmaster in my day job, I can easily say that overall, this new beta site is a vast improvement. The design is much cleaner and easier to use. Looks solid from my iPad.

One thing I notice is that the site doesn't seem to be using much in the way of keywords for Search Engine Optimization outside of "curling seattle." I wouldn't be able to help much until I am back in the country in early October, but I can certainly help out with SEO if GCC is interested in boosting web traffic.

Comment by Andrew Wakeling on

...also, when posting my last comment, "Save" is a confusing term to use for the button that posts your comment. It makes me think that this button saves it for later and that I can't post. The text for this button should be changed to "Post" or "Add Comment" or "Post Comment", etc.

Comment by Andrew Wakeling on

After my second comment I just posted, I went to the nav bar to click Contacts. As is typical with the iPad, the first click reveals the dropdown menu. However, what it also did was take me to an anchor at the bottom of this page. Weird bug! I had to scroll back up to then make my choice in the dropdown menu.

Comment by Andrew Wakeling on

I set up a site for Sustainable Magnolia, and I have to say that I really like the clean look of the new GCC. Since is the front door to the club for most people, I think we'll see a lot more new members and a better informed membership in general.
Minor niggle: don't spell check the new password fields.

Comment by Paul Lewis on

It would be nice to reverse the sort order of comments (most recent first), or provide a toggle for sort order

Comment by Peter Kron on

Two questions:

Are we going to have real forums at some point for member discussions?

Secondly, I've heard rumours that somebody has plans for how to build one's own delivery crutch, but I can't find 'em on the website. Are they here? It'd be great to see a resources section somewhere...

Comment by Max Stevens on