Open House Volunteers

Use the following link to sign up for an available open house slot. Simply pick a time you are available, and enter your name and email address. Note that their are two sheets, so be sure to look at both when finding a time.

Volunteer Sign Up Sheet

If you have any additional questions, please email the Open House Coordinator at


If you would like more information on being an instructor, please refer to our Open House Instructor Guide

Lead Instructor

You will be leading our guests through the process of learning to curl. You will start with the safety instructions then take them out on the ice and run them through the steps of learning to play. You will be in charge of explaining all of the different parts of the game.

Assistant Instructor

You will be helping out the lead instructor as they work with guests. No experience needed! You will be there to help the lead instructor and make sure everyone is playing safely.


You are in charge of making sure everything is running smoothly from check-in (and payment) until the guests have left. You will also coordinate the other volunteers during the event, and deal with any issues that come up. Since we are a private club, the coordinator must be around at all times until the guests have left the building.

Front Desk

You will be performing the check-in for the guests. Your job is to take payment, and make sure everyone has filled out a waiver.

Upstairs Host

You are available to help when the guests are not on the ice. You should be engaging with the guests after their session is over, or while they are waiting for their time on the ice. Your main responsibility is to answer any questions the guests may have. You are also the club's salesperson, and should try to politely encourage guests to become members.


You are in charge of running the bar for the duration of the open house. Must be a certified bartender.