Summer Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

June 13-15, 2014 - In Planning

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Open Spiel, Team signup only. Individuals looking for a team should contact the spiel coordinator for assistance finding a team to play on.

This event has a team entry fee of $240. Sign-up for this event

Teams - 34

Team Name From Members
Ethan Bradford GCC Ethan Bradford, Lola Bradford
Jun Kamata Granite Jun Kamata
Shirtheads and Guz   Benj Guzman, Nick Connolly, Jacob Guzman, Patrick Connolly
Brady Clark Seattle GCC Brady Clark, Cristin Clark, TBD, TBD
Rachaelle Grimsrud Boise Curling Club Rachaelle Grimsrud, Phillip Grimsrud, Dale Rutter, TBD
The Socialables NSWC, Vancouver, BC Ted Medisky, Jody Rossi, to come (recruiting), to come (recruiting)
Essen Haus Boise CC Brian Dolan, Jared Belsher, Rob Hanson, TBD
MIranda Heaslip Seattle MIranda Heaslip, Joe Fox, TBD, TBD
Half 'n Half GCC and Marpole Karien Balluff, Susanne Whalley, Brad Lowe, tba
David Donnan GCC David Donnan, Roy Balluff, Karien Balluff, tbd
Kim McLandress Mission Mike Freeman, Kim McLandress, Bill Dalzell, Bailey Freeman
Enforcers GCC Greg Schatzman, Jonny Updegrove, Ryan Zack, Jules Ius
East,Midwest,West Schenectady/GCC Mark Curtis, Stu Beck, David Longbrake, Peter Sommer
Woop Woop   EG, MG
Bar is open! GCC Nate Levin, Ryan Doerfler, Chad Hessoun, TBD
Stone Cold Curlers ECC Kristin Glanville, Jimmy Sattem, Traci Holcomb, Steve Sagi
Smoltz ECC Jim Smoltz, Cory Fiendell, Andy Karsnia, Eric Hemesath
NY Caledonian/Granite NY Caledonian Jeff Lesuk, Robin Gestring, Kenny Thomson, Barb Thomson
Phil Shryock Granite Curling Club Phil Shryock, Yolanda Carbajal, Booth Babcock, Mako Tokuhisa
Curling in Summer? GCC Karl, Dominic, Brian, Phil
Trouble in the Wack Chilliwack CC Stephen Strathdee, Christine Camilleri, Dan Burch, Carol Honeyman
Egregius Ambiguitas GCC Larry Weir, Jeff Kizner, Aaron Thompson
Socks and Sandals Granite Stephen Grant, Megan Goodenkauf, Mike Motley, TBD
Stone Surfers ECC Joe Petsche, Adam Seymour, Cheryl Frankenfield
Hairy Sailors GCC Harry T. Saylor, Sharon Vukich, Chris Sherry, TBD
Schaak Evergreen/Granite Doug Schaak, Steve Lundeen, Steve Liske, Yvonne Perceval
Rock Starrs ECC/GCC Matt Starr, Gail Starr, Brian Starr
Chris Parsons GCC Chris Parsons
Sharon Kerbs Evergreen Sharon Kerbs, Lisa Tamura, Pam Pfiffner
Colin Ware Granite Colin Ware
Philip Tilker   Philip Tilker
The Old Bears Campbell River CC, BC Bernie Morin, Eileen Morin, Susie Currie, Jack Currie
Jen Nguyen Denver Curling Club Justin Boshoven, Billy Reynolds, Jen Nguyen, Kelly Reynolds
Martin Matsutani Richmond Curling Club, BC Martin Matsutani, Hiroko Shinozaki