Group Events

The 2017-2018 Season is open for booking Group Events. The curling club is available for events for many occasions: work team building events, office parties, birthdays, a group get together or any other reason to have fun. Please check the Calendar for available dates and times and contact Brian Morris at to schedule your event. He will be happy to answer any questions. Here is some information about having an event at the club.

My group wants to go curling. What does a curling event "look like?"

Good question. Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, this video link will show you what your 4 hours of ice time "looks like" in under 8 minutes! Keep reading if you think it looks like a fun time!!

When is the club available for an event?

We are offering ice time from mid-September through mid-June each year. Open ice time that does not interfere with club member activity is made available for Group Events at the following times:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 am-2:00 pm, with other weekdays added as needed at those hours.
  • A very limited number of Saturday afternoons and evenings for mostly non-company events, typically 1:00-5:00 pm or 6:00-10:00 pm. Sunday times are also possible, especially during the spring months.
  • Thursdays during the spring season, some late day times are possible.
  • Aside from the exceptions above, weekday company events are solely lunch hour events or morning events (if needed). Due to mandatory daily ice maintenance at 2:00, and member activities from 5:00 onward, we are not available for afternoon events, after work events or happy hour events. We assure you that the curling experience is worth making necessary work time adjustments for your team building event.
  • We are closed during the summer months.

Do you have a calendar that I can look at?

Yes, please take a look at the Calendar page. Please contact Brian Morris at if you have specific questions or schedule requests.

What is the cost of an event?

We are pleased to now offer flexible pricing for all of our rentals starting at just $400! Any group gets 4 hours of ice time and instructional guidance included for a flat rate, based on the number of sheets needed, for a maximum of 10 attendees per sheet of ice. Our pricing schedule is as follows:

  • 1-10 attendees: 1 sheet and instructor, $400
  • 11-20 attendees: 2 sheets and instructors. $650
  • 21-30 attendees: 3 sheets and instructors, $975
  • 31-40 attendees: 4 sheets and instructors, $1300
  • 41-50 attendees: 5 sheets and instructors, $1625

Beyond 50 attendees, you will be paying $30 per attendee above our 5 sheet rate, and splitting ice time will be necessary so that all of your attendees have an opportunity to learn the game and play at least part of a game.

We also have special reduced pricing for a limited number of school/youth group events throughout the year. Please contact Brian Morris at if you are interested in finding out more about having your Physical Education field trip on championship curling ice!

In order to reserve for your group event, $100 per reserved sheet is required, and is non-refundable. This amount will be processed online, with a link sent to you by email, after your Group Event Agreement form is received. Please be advised of our cancellation/sheet reduction policy as outlined below and on your Event agreement form.

How many people should I round up for my Group Event?

The suggested minimum number or people needed to actually play a game would be 6, though you can certainly reserve a sheet with less than that. On the high end, we can host groups up to about 150 attendees without a problem.

How do I book an event?

Please contact Brian Morris, our outstanding event coordinator, via email - - to book an event. Brian works throughout the year, both hosting events and responding to inquiries. If you have not heard back yet, please check your Spam folder for misclassified responses, and don’t hesitate to follow up if necessary. Please determine a first choice day and time for your event based on calendar availability, the estimated group size, and the number of sheets you will need. We will send you the group event agreement form which you must complete and send back to us by email as a pdf or jpeg as a first step (Please do not fax or send anything by US mail or you may lose out on your first choice date). An email will be sent with a link to conveniently make your down payment with any major credit card. All times and sheets are first come first serve based on receipt of the reservation form and down payment. There are no courtesy holds, and no guarantees, so please do not send out invites prematurely. Reservations will be confirmed by email upon receipt of down payment and schedule entry. If you miss out on your first choice time slot, Brian will work with you on reserving a second choice time slot.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, check and cash. The remaining event balance outside of your down payment is required in person with a credit card on the day of the event. We do not do any automatic settlements of your remaining balance. Please use the online payment system, and follow the link sent to you by email, to complete your down payment by credit card where possible.

What does that cost include?

The fees include use of the ice and facility and assignment of 1 round table upstairs for each sheet for up to four consecutive hours, with access to the club a half hour before your event, and a half hour after your event allowed for tear down and cleanup, for a total 5 hour limit. Equipment, such as brooms, rocks, rubber shoe grippers and everything else that is needed to curl, is provided for you. Your reservation will also include experienced professional instructors from the Granite Curling Club who will teach your group how to curl. We will provide 1 instructor per sheet as requested in your rental agreement, with additional personnel as needed for jumbo sized groups.

Are there any additional fees or extra expenditures?

If you have requests for additional time, either on the ice or just in the banquet hall, beyond the 5 hours as noted above, you will be subject to extra charges to cover the extra use of facility and labor. As our staff hopefully provides a first-rate service to you with modest compensation, we do kindly ask that when settling up the bill, you consider adding a gratuity in appreciation for their fine work. Please handle all gratuities with the event host, rather than to instructors directly, for proper accounting and fair rewarding of our entire staff during your event time.

What is the policy on cancellations, postponements and changes to events?

Cancellations, postponements and date changes and sheet reductions are allowed up to 4 weeks before your event. A fee will be subtracted from your down payment subject to the following schedule:

21-27 days before cancelled/reduced date: $25 per sheet cancellation/reduction fee
14-20 days before cancelled/reduced date: $50 per sheet cancellation/reduction fee
7-13 days before cancelled/reduced date: $75 per sheet cancellation/reduction fee
Less than 7 days before cancelled date only: the entire $100 per sheet is forfeit, and a new reservation and entire down payment will be necessary.

Any reduction in sheets must be requested at least 7 days before your event date, otherwise you are entirely responsible for all sheets reserved at the full rental rates.

Is there a waiver to sign? Are there any age limits? Can kids or teens curl?

All curlers are required to sign a waiver before going on the ice. Waivers are provided at the club, or you can save time by downloading the waiver, then print and sign it, and bring it with you. Curlers under 18 years of age must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian before going on the ice. If a parent isn't coming to the event, you can download the waiver, then print and sign it, and send it with the child. Typically, kids aged 10 or older are able to play with full sized rocks, and 7 or older can play with smaller size rocks. Children under 12 require their own bicycle helmets and adult supervision at all times.

What if more or less people show up than we planned?

You are charged a flat rate per sheets reserved for your group event, with a maximum of 10 curlers per sheet strictly enforced for safety reasons. It is your responsibility to reserve the number of sheets that you need, and to pay in full on your sheets as agreed. Should there be more than 10 attendees per sheet reserved, or more than 50 attendees for full club events, be advised that you will most likely be bumped up to an extra sheet or otherwise charged extra if all 5 sheets are filled. (For example, if you reserve two sheets but show up with 21 curlers, you will automatically pay for three sheets regardless of your reservation.) All training is done with all curlers at the same time on the sheets needed. Late arrivals are strongly discouraged, and may not get a chance to curl. Unless circumstances warrant, there is no "swapping in and out" to save money on the number of sheets needed.

Can we order beverages from you?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide beverage service, alcoholic or otherwise, due to State Liquor Laws and club regulations. Feel free to obtain a banquet permit from the Washington State Liquor Control Board website ($11) which will allow you to bring in your own alcoholic beverages, or use the services of a caterer or outside bartender that is licensed to serve alcohol. All alcohol must be consumed upstairs in the banquet hall.

Are there tables and chairs?

Yes. There are five round tables and chairs that seat up to 40 people already set up with additional tables and chairs set up for additional attendees as well as food service.

Can we hire a caterer to serve food or bring our own?

Yes. There is a full kitchen available for use, as well as plenty of extra tables that can be used for your own food service.

Do you provide food such as lunch or dinner options?

We have a full kitchen that is available for our guests to use, but we do not provide a food menu. You may arrange for a caterer, bring your own food, or order delivery.

What is the address of the curling club?

Our street address is: 1440 North 128th Street, Seattle, WA 98133. Please do not use our mailing address for any correspondence regarding group events.

Our Map & Directions page has full information.

What should people wear?

Participants should:

  • Carry in a pair of shoes with clean, flat, rubber soles with no metal hooks etc. that may scratch the ice. (Clean tennis shoes are ideal).
  • Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing. (it is difficult to curl in tight jeans)
  • Dress in layers with a light jacket, sweater or sweatshirt (initially it will be chilly on the ice, but you can get quite warm once you start playing). The air temperature is usually between 40 and 42 degrees.
  • A ski hat and gloves may be appropriate if you chill easily

I want to learn more about curling before I sign up, where can I look?

Our website has information on curling Basics, History, Rules, Strategy and a Glossary. Also, check out the Wikipedia page about curling, as well as reading many good books and e-books about curling.

How many sheets of ice do we need?

A game of curling is normally four versus four, or 8 curlers per sheet, ideally, and we have 5 sheets to play on. In our group events, we gladly allow teams of 3 to 5 players on the ice, and will work to put together suitable games with whatever number you give us to work with. The maximum number of players on the ice would be 10 teams of 5, or 50 curlers, at any one time playing or learning. For this reason, we allow and suggest a maximum of 10 attendees (curlers plus non-curlers) per sheet when deciding how many you need, to allow for those who would rather not play for whatever reason.

I have a question that wasn't answered in this section.

Please do not call, fax or send correspondence directly to the club for assistance with group events. Our coordinator, Brian Morris, is glad to provide prompt assistance by email only ( to address any additional questions or issues regarding your special curling experience! If an alternate means of communication is necessary for urgent matters, Brian's cell phone number is provided on the reservation form you will receive, and you may call or text this number.