Seattle April Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

April 6-9, 2017 - In Planning

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Open Spiel, 4 game guarantee, 56 team maximum. Largest Spiel of the season, not to be missed!!! Entry fee due by March 10th. All teams must be able to start at 11am on Friday.


This year's theme is.the ROARING 20s!. Prohibition, Jazz, Gambling and an around the clock party! So sign up now and put on your fancy flapper duds and make sure the tax men don't catch you sneaking into the Speak Easy.

This event has a team entry fee of $320. Sign-up for this event

Teams - 44

Team Name From Members
Ron Bilodeau Victoria Curling Center Ron Bilodeau, Rob McMurray, Dan Holland, Joe Gereluk
Bathtub Gin GCC, bitches Bill Rugen, Liam Barksdale, John Rassmussen, Lisa Rugen
Mary Melton Belfast Curling Club Mary Melton, Ray Melton, Owen Nelson, MiJin Spencer
Capone's Accountants Richmond Curling Club Garry Sum, Danny Laurence, Ian Baart, Cecilia Tung
April Gale-Seixeiro Granite / Montreal West April Gale-Seixeiro, Steve Seixeiro, Claude Tellier, Mary Alice Benson, Colleen Richardson, Jeff / Mijung Wick
Saloon-Keepers Rebellion Columbus Curling Club Michael Pintar, Stephen Imes, Jonpaul Zelik, Leeanne Chandler
Five Points Gang GCC Nate "Jake Leg" Levin, Ryan "Lefty" Doerfler, Chad "Getaway" Hessoun, Peter "Bugsy" Kron, Wes "Babyface" Battle, Chris "Dimebag" Parsons
23 Skidoo Orange County Cristi Conway, Jacob Broderick, Derek King, Eileen Mignella
Broad Vancouver Curling Club Glen Broad, Darrell Becker, Rob Bonnar
Demlow GCC Ari Krasik, Steve Demlow, David Booth
Untouchables RCC/Chilliwack Stephen Strathdee, Melanie Kilgour, Rob Geschke, Brandi Miskinis
Kendall Jessiman Vancouver Curling Club Kendall Jessiman, Rob Gardner, Don Giles, Ron Quinn
Team Picante Vancouver CC Randall Noble, Stephan Funk, Michel Lemieux, Chad Findlay, David Penner, Matt Leveron
Nicole Samson Granite Nicole Samson, Grant Samson, Dean Kattler, Shauna Kattler
Rink McBride Orange County Michael Cassidy, Sue Cassidy, Justin McBride, tbd
Rum Runners Abbotsford BC Don Davis, Brig de Wirth, Chris Ware, Mike Desante
The Bee's Knees GCC: OG Matt Fewins
The DisStealers VCC Colin Madill, Heather Manahan, Peter Lang, Tom Cornwall
Shelby Sweet GCC Shelby Sweet, Tbd, Tbd, Tbd
Charles Smith Granite Charles Smith, Miranda Heaslip, Mitchell Hymowitz, Barry VanWieringen, Rob Gessner
The Rock-a-Fellas Seattle Granite Keith Schreiber, Tom Nance, Elizabeth Booth, Jay Booth
Ballmer Peak Triangle Curling Club Chris Wishart, Trevor Gau, Rogan Ferguson, Thomas Quinn
Art Placek Evergreen Art Placek, Kathy Placek, Phil Placek, Matt Starr, Gail Starr, Kevin Rutherford
Capones Rum Runner Fort St. John, BC Kevin Hrab, Tamara Van Tassel, Troy Hebert, Misty Hebert
Exploding Stills Royal City CC Geoff Krawchuk, Bootleggers 2-5... or 6
Mike Freeman mission granite Mike Freeman, sherry freeman, Jason Kraus, tba
Stroker Brothers MICC Kamloops Paul Bregoliss, Kevin Ihlen, Chris Beatty, Joe Picton
Team Temperance GCC Brian T. Stark, Lisa Orchard, Kevin Hurley, Jeff Pearson, Ashleigh Price
The Unmentionables Granite Marc Heileson, Fraser Brumell, Monique Heileson, Rhett Garber, Mako Tokuhisa
Markham   Markham
Silent but Deadly GCC Harry Saylor, Brady Clark, Darren Letho, Patti Killins, Tino Tonole, KT Kaufman
Team Gin GCC Robi Singh, Dominic Arico, Bobby Phillips, Andrew Gingras, Megan Goodenkauf
Joanne Kern   Joanne Kern
Cory Yalowicki Your Mom's House Cory Yalowicki, Chris Rimple, Chris Bond
The Great Schatzby Denver Curling Club /Seattle Curling Club Jen Nguyen, Greg Schatzman, Johnny Maino, Chris Sherry
Ken Mabbatt GCC Ken Mabbatt, Phil McNutt, Karien Balluf, David Donnan, George Peppin, Nanette Peppin
The Coneys Granite Curling Club Richard Burmeister, Hannah Volkman, Glenn Allan, Jill Lamberts, Jason Netland
Frozen Four GCC Dean Eriksen, Sue Eriksen, Bob Melkerson, Lori Melkerson
Four-Flushers GCC Miyo Konno, Stuart Beck, Laurel Gore, Brian Gore
South Side Gang Chilliwack Curling Club Ken Britz, Andre Anglehart, Glenn Royea, Larry Legault, Bugs, Al
Fire and Broomstones GCC Chris Pleasants, Nick Pleasants, Randy Chan, David Chang
Curliot Ness GCC: OG Matt Fewins
Sean Beighton GCC Sean Beighton, Magwi Junior, CR, ???, ??????
ROGER THOMAS grainte curling club ROGER THOMAS, Rob Smith, Ramy Cohen