Junior State Championships

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

December 29-31, 2010 - Completed

Team listed first throws blue stones and practices first, unless otherwise indicated.

Teams - 5

Team Name From Members W L Position DSC*
Vukich Granite CC Jake Vukich, Patrick Conolly, Michael Tomlinson, Ryan Dunn 3 1 Champion 15.000
McAuley Granite CC Evan McAuley, Nick Connolly, Luc Violette, Kyle Lorvick, Alaric Sawade 1 3   25.500
Sweet Granite CC Shelby Sweet, Katherine Lawson, Nikole Lorvick, Christine Donnan 4 1 Champion 59.425
Tomlinson Granite CC Cori Tomlinson, Carolyn Garzina-Ulus, Emily Bissonnette, Stephanie Potter 3 2   43.000
Skulec Granite CC Emily Skulec, Kana Johnson, Millicent Delahanty, Mara Petersen, Abigail Marteny 0 4   52.367

*Draw Score Challenge (in inches) - a seeding factor for the playoffs.