2014 Washington State Club Championships

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

December 14-16, 2013 - Completed

web casts

Teams - 5

Team Name From Members W L Position DSC*
Larway Granite Curling Club Joel Larway, Benj Guzman, Peter Sommer, Chad Siefert 4 2 Champion 7.250
Kauffman Granite Curling Club Doug Kauffman, John Rasmussen, Liam Barksdale, Andrea Callegari, Bill Rugen 2 3 Runner-up 3.000
Vukich Granite Curling Club Jake Vukich, Evan McAuley, Luc Violette, Kyle Lorvick, Ben Richardson, Tom Violette - coach 2 3   16.625
Good Granite Curling Club Em Good, Jennifer Westhagen, Christie Wilhelmy, Hannah Volkman, Jill Lamberts 3 1 Champion
Konno Granite Curling Club Miyo Konno, Kris Ikegami, Claire Bonin, Jiyoung Lee 1 3  

*Draw Score Challenge (in inches) - a seeding factor for the playoffs.