2017 Washington Club and U-18 Championships

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

January 28-30, 2017 - Completed

State Championships for both the Club Nationals and the U-18 Nationals. The signup deadlines have already passed. No Women's teams entered for clubs - and only one team entered each for Men and Women U-18. So this championship is for the Men Club championship only. Several Demo U-18 teams have come together to play practice games during the weekend.

Teams - 7

Team Name From Members W L Position DSC*
Schatzman GCC Greg Schatzman, Aaron Thompson, Chris Sherry, John Maino 4 0 Champion 64.793
Shoesmith GCC John Shoesmith, Andrew Ernst, Edward Strachan, John Harrison 2 2   69.627
Grant GCC Stephen Grant, Thomas Lee, Matt Macdonald, Derek Ristau 0 4   70.033
Irvin Evergreen CC Lily Irvin, Maya Horton, Clara Mays, Elsa Naimo 3 0   92.985
Morley GCC/Evergreen Casey Morley, Marty Hill, Connor Kauffman, Alex Couckuyt 2 1   110.135
Lorvick GCC Nikki Lorvick, Arianna Rauliuk, Abi Marteny, Polly Harrington 1 2   60.500
McDade   Ryan McDade, Abby Lin, Bowen Zheng 0 3   151.180

*Draw Score Challenge (in inches) - a seeding factor for the playoffs.