Autumn Spiel Completes

Autumn Spiel Completes

November 11, 2012 - 3:10pm -- Mary Melton

Another weekend, another spiel!

There were 16 teams that played down this weekend during the Autumn Spiel. Lots of Granite members (some novice curlers and some old curlers) and add in a few Canadians and a team that came up from Evergreen and a fun time was had by all. Canyon's Restaurant catered the banquet dinner which was roast beef, gravy, mashed potatoes, vegetable, corn and for dessert, pumpkin pie.....YUM!

Lots of good food came out of the kitchen so hopefully no one went away hungry. Thank you to everyone who helped out from the ice crew to the kitchen helpers to the bartenders to the players who helped make the spiel a success.

The Results are as follows:

A Winner - Sharon Vukich, Cindy Garzina, Cathie Tomlinson and Liz Cover
A Runner Up - Em Good, Jill Lamberts, Jennifer Westhagen, Hanna Volkman

B Winner - Steve Demlow, David Booth, Ari Krasik-Geiger, Mark Brattin, Joe Howard
B Runner Up - Adrian Pawlowski, Janet Pawlowski, Greg Smith, Kim Hitchcock

C Winner - Karl Picard, James Pleasants, Ken Mabbatt, Phillip McNutt
C Runner Up - Mac Guy, Andrew Ernst, Sam Galey, Jeremy Dinsel, Brad Casper

Thank you to everyone who participated. See you on the ice!

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