2019 National Mixed Doubles Championship

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

February 27 - March 3, 2019 - Upcoming

2019 National Mixed Doubles Championship

Come see the Mixed Doubles National Championship here in Seattle.

Basic and Media Information. Tickets. Live Stream

Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Tue 7:00 pm Meet and Greet
Wed 10:00 am Media Event
1:30 pm Practice Sinclair/Beighton Practice Moores/Wheeler Practice Persinger/Plys Practice Anderson/McLean Practice Roth/Nernberger Practice Stolt
3:15 pm Team Meeting
4:00 pm Practice Hamilton Practice Walker/Leichter Practice Christensen/Shuster Practice Anderson/Dropkin Practice Good/Guy Practice Peterson/Polo
7:00 pm Stolt vs. Hamilton f Roth/Nernberger vs. Peterson/Polo f Persinger/Plys vs. Christensen/Shuster f Anderson/McLean vs. Moores/Wheeler f Anderson/Dropkin vs. Sinclair/Beighton f
9:00 pm Wednesday Evening Practice (starts shortly after final game completes)
Thu 10:00 am Walker/Leichter vs. Good/Guy f Moores/Wheeler vs. Anderson/Dropkin   Persinger/Plys vs. Sinclair/Beighton  
2:30 pm Persinger/Plys vs. Moores/Wheeler Hamilton vs. Roth/Nernberger Good/Guy vs. Stolt Walker/Leichter vs. Peterson/Polo Christensen/Shuster vs. Anderson/McLean
7:00 pm Good/Guy vs. Peterson/Polo Christensen/Shuster vs. Sinclair/Beighton Anderson/McLean vs. Anderson/Dropkin Stolt vs. Roth/Nernberger Walker/Leichter vs. Hamilton
9:00 pm Thursday Evening Practice (starts shortly after final game completes)
Fri 10:00 am   Stolt vs. Walker/Leichter Peterson/Polo vs. Hamilton    
2:30 pm Anderson/Dropkin vs. Christensen/Shuster Anderson/McLean vs. Persinger/Plys Sinclair/Beighton vs. Moores/Wheeler Roth/Nernberger vs. Good/Guy Peterson/Polo vs. Stolt
7:00 pm Sinclair/Beighton vs. Anderson/McLean Hamilton vs. Good/Guy Roth/Nernberger vs. Walker/Leichter Moores/Wheeler vs. Christensen/Shuster Anderson/Dropkin vs. Persinger/Plys
Sat 10:00 am     TB. *    
2:30 pm   QF2. Seed 105 vs. Seed 104 W:SF2 *   QF1. Seed 106 vs. Seed 103 W:SF1 *  
7:00 pm   SF1. Winner QF1 vs. W:F *   SF2. Winner QF2 vs. W:F *  
Sun 11:00 am     F. Winner SF1 vs. Winner SF2 *    

Team listed first is yellow and practices first, except f games - flip for practice. If two TB draws, Saturday's games are 8am, 12n, 4, and 8pm. *Actual Sheet TBD

Color Key: Pool B Pool A

Last Update: 2019 Feb 21 4:05:42 am PST