Bonspiel Info

Bonspiels (or "spiels") are curling competitions generally held over a weekend. Some spiels limit the participants (men only, women only, novices only, etc.), while others are open to all players but have a specific theme (cash prizes, 70's disco outfits, worst holiday sweater, and so on). Although some competitive teams register for spiels, the majority of teams are made up of local recreational curlers, often coming together just for a specific event.

Most teams self-form - but usually the bonspiel chair or organizers can help you find a team.

GCC hosts a number of spiels throughout the year. The menu item on the left "Bonspiels" shows the upcoming and past ones.

Out of Town Spiels

British Columbia has a number of great spiels, and is close enough to Seattle to make a nice weekend trip.If you'd like to travel further, take a look at some of the spiels across the United States.

Recommended Accommodations

Be sure to reference Granite Curling Club when making your reservation for the discount

Holiday Inn Express & Suites North Seattle
14115 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133 Seattle
Shoreline (.8 miles from Granite Curling Club)

Hotel Nexus
2140 N Northgate Way, Seattle, WA 98133
(1.5 miles from Granite Curling Club)

See our Locations and Accommodations page for additional booking information.

Bonspiel Policies

For Bonspiels hosted by Granite Curling Club:

  • Refunds
    • Half of your entry fee is refundable if you withdraw within this time period before the spiel begins:
      • one month for cash spiels
      • two weeks for other spiels
    • Except for cash spiels, all of your entry fee is refundable up to one week before the spiel begins if the organizers can make accommodation in the draw and with the caterers for the loss of your team.
    • All of your entry fee is refundable up to one day before the spiel begins if the bonspiel organizers (or you) can find a replacement team from the waiting list or elsewhere that pays the entry fee.
    • Please contact the organizers for further refund information or consideration.
  • We share your name, team name, and home club with the public as part of the bonspiel information.
  • We do not share your email or telephone number with any third party.
  • We do not save or store payment information.
  • Email is a primary method of communication about bonspiels.
    • For anonymous users who sign up for bonspiels, we verify your email by sending you a link that you must use to complete your registration. Registered users skip the verification step. The link you receive is unique to your team for this event only. You can make changes to your entry at any time using the link.
    • We send you a notifying email when the organizers change your entry - including receiving payment.
    • The organizers may send emails with more information about the bonspiel.
    • Responsibility to respond to requests from the organizers in a timely manner lies with you or your team. Lack of acknowledgement to requests for information or payment may cause your team to be put on the wait list or dropped.
  • General GCC contact information.
  • Mail Bonspiel Chair.