The calendar is color-coded for the different types of activities. Group Events, aka rentals, are in avocado; unbooked times have the word "Available" in the title. Leagues are in blue. Learn to Curls, Bonspiels (competitions), practice ice, and other special events using the ice are in pink. Ice maintenance ("scrape") is in peacock. Off-ice club meetings are in lemon. Outside events of interest to us (e.g. championships) are in brick red.

If there is an error with the calendar, please email the calendar team.

Note: The calendar is provided by Google and may not render correctly in all versions of Firefox; it has been tested in Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome.

Practice Ice

Practice ice sessions are open to all active GCC members. Always check the calendar immediately before coming to the club to ensure that a session hasn't been cancelled.

If you're interested in hosting all or a portion of a TENTATIVE session, please reach out to!