Our New Member's Guide will get you up to speed on everything you need to know when you join!

If you’ve read through the information on the site and are ready to join the Granite Curling Club, there’s some information below regarding membership levels you should familiarize yourself with.

If you haven’t yet decided, here are a few more reasons to help your decision making process…

The benefits of membership are numerous. Some of the key things being:

  • Curling is good physical exercise. Try sweeping for 2 hours straight. Good cardio and upper body work.
  • Challenge yourself with mastering a new skill. After all, curling is referred to as chess on ice.
  • There are many opportunities for competition and travel in the U.S. and abroad for bonspiels.
  • It offers social activities throughout the year. Well, as long as there’s ice to play on.
  • The GCC is a great place to meet new friends and keep in touch with old acquaintances.
  • It has a private bar where you can relax and entertain friends. Plus the prices are very reasonable.
  • It gives opportunities to participate in team efforts both on and off the ice.
  • It offers the chance to represent the club and state of Washington at national, world, and Olympic Championships.

These are the membership categories:

Type Description
General Full use of the club facilities, entitled to vote on club matters, and unlimited curling privileges. There is a novice discount for 1st and 2nd year curlers and for those under 21.
Junior Must be less than 18 years of age prior to July 1st. Junior members have all the privileges of a General member except the use of the bar and voting on club matters. Those under 16 get a further discount and automatic enrollment in the Friday Juniors league.
Social Social members have all the privileges of a General member except actually curling.
Life The GCC Board selects members for this category from long-time members with a history of service to the club. Life members have all the privileges of General members.

Current Leagues

See Leagues for descriptions of all leagues!
fees for membership and leagues

Registration and Waiver Forms

You will need a GCC account (this website) to register when registration is open.

If you have been a member since 2012, you already have an account. If you've never used your account, your user name is "first last" - go to request password and enter either your user name or email to get an email to set your password. If you can't find your account, please contact Please do not create a second account. Multiple accounts confuse us.

If you've never been a member, please apply for an account.