5th Annual Man Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

October 21-23, 2011 - Completed

Cash Prizes, Southern BBQ Supper, Free Food all weekend, Curl BC Region 11 Bonspiel Tour points (50 for each team, plus additional for semi-finalists and better).

Payment is required in advance, by October 8, 2011.

$20/team for entry into the Calcutta, payable upon check-in.

I am sorry that the draw times are so early on Sunday morning. We need to be off the ice near 2pm for a league

Teams - 29

Team Name From Members W L Position
Ken Watson Richmond Ken Watson 5 0 Winner
Bropants GCC beeyatch! Bropants 4 1 Finalist
John Rasmussen GCC Doug Kauffman, Liam Barksdale, John Rasmussen, Bill Rugen 4 1 B Winner
Beighton GCC Sean Beighton, Andrew Ernst, Sam Galey, Mac Guy, Murray Beighton 5 1 C Winner
Team Collins Marpole Curling Club Roger Chan 3 1 Semi-Finalist
Shoesmith GCC John Shoesmith, John Harrison, Greg Deuhs 2 1 Semi-Finalist
Vukich   Vukich 3 2 B Finalist
Randy Balfour RCCC Randy Balfour 3 3 C Finalist
Kevin Jeannotte Langley CC Kevin Jeannotte, Brad Snyder, Bill Tallentire, Kent Royer 2 1  
steffin langley Mel Steffin 2 1  
Al MacKinnon Langley Al MacKinnon 2 1  
Freezen Freeman Arctic Circle Club Mike Freeman 3 2  
Guzman   GBob, Brian McCormick, El Guz, Cobbs 2 2  
Doug Schaak Evergreen Doug Schaak 2 2  
Rob Dennis Richmond Rob Dennis, Doug Kilborn 2 2  
Steve Claxton Langley Steve Claxton 2 2  
David Cornfield GCC Seattle David Cornfield 2 3  
de Vreeze Hollywood Erik de Vreeze, Tom Rizzo, Casey Fox, Richard Cruz 1 2  
Wes Seeger SFBACC Wes Seeger, Mike Greenberg, Brian Patrick, Phillip Lorin 1 2  
Joe Fox GCC Joe Fox, Avi Belinsky, Drew Schleit, Jerrod Bickler 1 2  
Connolly Granite Connolly, Patrick Connolly, Ryan Dunn, Michael Tomlinson, Nick Connolly 1 2  
Steve Wright Royal City Steve Wright 1 2  
Steve Demlow granite Steve Demlow, david booth, cory y, ari krasicgeigermonster 1 2  
James Pleasants Granite James Pleasants, Ken Mabbatt, Phil McNutt, Karl Picard 1 3  
Dinsel GCC Vic Lemecha, Jeremy Dinsel 1 3  
Craig Lightbody Royal City Bill Jones, Craig Lightbody, Rob Jones, tba 1 3  
Paul Shafer GCC Paul Shafer, Doug Lawson, Joel Russ 1 4  
Burnin' Curlers GCC Ryan Doerfler, Nate Levin, Chad Hessoun, Brian Gore 0 3  
Scott McLean GCC Scott McLean, Pat Sweet, Philip Placek, Evan Escamilla 0 3