Mixed Spiel

·        8 end games, 4 rock free guard zone in effect.

·        Each team must be comprised of 2 Men and 2 Women and shooting positions must alternate between the two genders.

·        Tied games – if the game is tied after 8 ends, play one extra end if time permits.  After that, skips shoot out (closest to the button with sweepers) to determine the winner.  No practice shot allowed.  If needed, see the bonspiel chair about whether time permits.


Saturday night from 5:30pm to 7:00pm.  Extra dinner tickets can be purchased from me for $15 per person.  Prizes for best costumes.

Draw Double Prize (Saturday only)

On Saturday, if your team scores a double, put the double marker (star shaped balloon) next to your sheet.  The team with the marker at the end of a draw wins a pitcher of beer.  See the bonspiel chair for your voucher.

A double removes two of your opponents’ stones from the house to out of the house.

There is an appropriate substitution for Junior teams.

Good Curling

Doug Potter, Bonspiel Chair