Volunteer Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

April 14, 2012 - In Planning

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The Volunteer Spiel runs from 10am to 8pm. Open to all club members who has volunteered around the club this season. Signup as individuals - the organizers will form the teams. This is a THANK YOU for all the help you've done around the club this season to make it successful!

Teams - 31

Team Name From Members
Suzy Brunzell   Suzy Brunzell
Brian Stephanik   Brian Stephanik
Isaac Leinweber   Isaac Leinweber
Alaric Sawade GCC Alaric Sawade
Darien Sawade   Darien Sawade
Chris Rimple GCC Chris Rimple
Joe Fox gcc Joe Fox
Eric Aderhold   Eric Aderhold
Ray Melton Granite Ray Melton
Phillip McNutt granite curling club Phillip McNutt
Dani Thibodeaux   Dani Thibodeaux
Sharon Vukich GCC Sharon Vukich
Colleen Richardson GCC Colleen Richardson
Kara McBroom GCC Kara McBroom
Chris Parsons GCC Chris Parsons
Barry VanWieringen GCC Barry VanWieringen
Robert Stern GCC Robert Stern
Nick Connolly GCC Nick Connolly
Michael Eickbush GCC Michael Eickbush
Diana Hoffman Granite Diana Hoffman
Chris Hoffman Granite Chris Hoffman
Brian Gore GCC Brian Gore
Cindy McCain GCC Cindy McCain
Ethan Owens   Ethan Owens
Bret Dodson GCC Bret Dodson
Jennie Dodson GCC Jennie Dodson
Awesome rental god!!   Brian D. Morris
John Henthorn GCC John Henthorn
Casey Elder-Stoner GCC Casey Elder-Stoner
Paul Shafer GCC Paul Shafer
Mitchell Hymowitz   Mitchell Hymowitz

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