5 & Under Spiel (GCC members only)

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

March 22-23, 2014 - In Planning

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This spiel is for all curlers who have a combined curling years experience of 5 years or less (includes years you have curled at other clubs). Individual sign ups only and teams will be formed by the spiel chair. This is a great spiel and gives you the opportunity to play all four positions in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. THE SPIEL IS NOW FULL AND REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. Sorry if you missed it, but try again next year.

Individual Entries - 60

Nicole Samson
Michelle Toi
Nate Levin
Dominic Arico
Robert McDade
Chris Sherry
Mike Motley
Christina Sears
Casey Frank
Ken Giesbers
Max Stevens
Grant Carter
Stephen Grant
Bill Courshon
Chris Battey
Robi Singh
Megan Goodenkauf
Chris Gatenby
Greg Schatzman
Matt Fewins
Will Chen
Larry Weir
Aaron Thompson
Laurie Cange
Molly McCarthy
Michael Eickbush
Harry Saylor
Greg Sheahan
Dale Wick
Chris Parsons
Suzy Brunzell
Charlie Anthe
Ryan Bowering
chad hessoun
Russ Twoey
Wesley Battle
Lisa Orchard
Nick Carter
Matt Guzzardo
Colin Ware
Ryan Parker
John Maino
Ann Beame
Lola Bradford
Andrew Wakeling
Alexander Kenesson
Phil Shryock
Yolanda Carbajal
Carol Zabilski
Christopher Wolf
Shelley Freedman
Andrew Gingras
Cheston Parker
Brian Stephanik
Steven Brown
Jun Kamata
Ryan Demopoulos
Monique Heileson
Rose Alokolaro
Nick Baker

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