8th Annual Man Spiel

2014 Man Spiel Rules


-          8 ends, ties broken by extra end

-          Four rock free guard zone


Draw Shot Challenge:

After each game both skips will throw one draw to the button with sweeping. A spiel official will measure the distance from the button. Rocks outside the house will receive a score of 72 inches. Rocks on the pin will receive a score of 0 inches. Scores will be averaged for each team. The results of the Draw Shot Challenge are used to break ties between teams with identical records after pool play, and will determine who receives hammer in the knockout stage.


Pool Play:

Teams have been divided into four pools. All teams within a pool will play each other once. Hammer is determined in pool play by coin flip. At the conclusion of pool play the teams within a pool are ranked by the number of wins and if necessary the Draw Shot Challenge results. The top team from each pool will advance to the A bracket semi-finals. The second highest team from each pool will advance to the B bracket semi-finals, and the third team to the C bracket. The remaining teams are eliminated.


Knockout Stage:

Single elimination semi-final and final rounds. Hammer is awarded to the team with the lowest average score in the Draw Shot Challenge. 


Late Policy:

-          5min late: Lose hammer, one point and play 7 ends

-          10min late: Lose hammer, two points and play 7 ends

-          15min late: Game is forfeit


2014 Man Spiel Schedule

Friday September 26th-

5:30pm: Club opens.

6:30pm: First draw starts

7:30-9:30pm: Tasty brats served upstairs

7:30pm: Pitcher hold contest – those arms are good for more than sweeping!

9:00pm: Brat eating contest – 5 contestants demonstrate their bratwurst skills

10:00pm: Pitcher hold contest – let’s see what you can do after some sweeping


Saturday September 27th-

8:00am: Club opens – coffee downstairs

8:30am: First draw starts

11:00am-2:00pm: Lunch served upstairs

3:30pm: Light snack served upstairs

5:00pm-7:00pm: Oktoberfest Dinner

7:30pm: Pitcher hold contest -

8:00pm: Little pretzel eating contest – 5 contestants show us their stuff

10:00pm: Big pretzel eating contest – 5 contestants prove who us their OOOMPA!

11:00pm: Pitcher hold contest – in case your arms aren’t tired yet


Sunday September 28th-

8:30am: Club opens

9:00am: Man Spiel Finals

11:00am: Light lunch served upstairs