Junior Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

March 14-15, 2015 - In Planning

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There will be two pools -- an Experienced pool for juniors that have been curling for several years, and a Novice pool for newer or younger curlers with approximately 2 years experience. Novice teams will play 4-6 ends; Experience will play 8 ends per game. Please indicate which pool you will be registering for. The games will be held on Saturday with playoffs on Sunday morning. We will finish by 1:00 Sunday. There is a guaranteed 3 games per team. Registrants, if you do not have a team and would like to curl, please email Lisa Rauliuk at juniors@curlingseattle.org with your age and years of experience and we will try and place you on a team.

This event has a team entry fee of $100.

Teams - 7

Team Name From Members
ICK Evergreen CC Bruce Irvin (parent), Casey Morley, Anna Roberts, Marty Hill, Colin Thurston
Whirlies Evergreen CC Bruce Irvin (parent), Hannah Horten, Lily Irvin, Maya Horten, Claire Wilson
Team Schmidt Coquitlam Norma Tomlins
GCC 3 Granite CC Lola Bradford, Alex  Duncan Wu, Aidan Gray, Andrew Bell
Luc Violette Granite Luc Violette, Blake Sweet, Benjamin Richardson, Connor Kauffman, Coach Tom Violette
GCC 1 Granite Nikki Lorvak, Abigail Marteny, Amber Halvorsen, Ryan McDade, Polly Harrington
GCC 2 Granite Cori Tomlinson, Arianna Rauliuk, Elsa Naimo, Clara Mays

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