Junior Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

March 19-20, 2016 - Completed

3 game guarantee. First game starts on Saturday morning. Teams can be any combination of boys and girls. Participation is open to all juniors who have the ability to play with regulation size rocks to the full house and complete a standard 8 end game in 2 hours. If you are unsure about your curlers ability, please ask. If you're interested and need a team, send us email and we will work to find a team for you. Cost: $140/team. CDN $ at PAR!!! If you are a Canadian team, please contact me in advance BEFORE Paying.

Teams - 8

Team Name From Members W L Position
Junior Girls GCC Arianna Rauliuk, Nikki Lorvick, Abigail Marteny, Polly Harrington 4 1 x
Hagen Cloverdale Scott Wilson, Nathan Silva, Eric Hagen, Nic Bonneau 4 1 x
Whirlies! Evergreen CC Lily Irvin, Maya Horten, Clara Mays, Elsa Naimo 3 2 x
Outsliders Evergreen CC Casey Morley, Jared Rutherford, Marty Hill, Rhiannon Kuns 3 2 x
GCC 1 Granite Connor Kauffman, Alex Couckuyt, Andrew Bell 3 2 x
GCC 3 Granite Curling Club Blake Sweet, Abby Lin, Lola Bradford, Bowen Zheng 2 3 x
GCC 2 GCC Nick Connolly, Mhari McKinnon Bradbury, Blake Hirst, Alex Lee 1 4 Seventh Place
E3 Evergreen CC Meghan Taylor, Paige Gordon, Maya Simon, Maggie Walsh 0 5  

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