Emerald City Men's Classic

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

October 28-30, 2016 - Completed

Men's only spiel with pool play and reseeding after pools are completed, guarantee of 4 games per team - 4 event spiel Hello everyone - yes spiel is a go we have 12 teams and have closed off sign ups to allow time to set the draw schedule and event plans. Thanks to all our teams for registering we will have event schedule a draw information issued by Oct 23 rd. Skips will receive a ballot for seeding via email. We will also issue a volunteer signup to help with various food and snack efforts. Let's curl, eat, drink and be merry Halloween weekend!

Teams - 12

Team Name From Members W L Position
Pool A
Kauffman GCC Doug Kauffman, John Rasmussen, Liam Barksdale, Karl Picard, Connor Kauffman 3 1 RR Winner
Bob Knievel Granite Bob Knievel, Chris Rimple, Ben Richardson, James Pleasants, Duane Rutan 3 2 RR Winner
todd schultz   todd schultz, Max Sando, Robi Singh, Dominic Arico 1 3 RR Winner
Bogus Evil Robots Granite Bret Dodson, Ethan Owens, Brian Stark, Booth Babcock 2 3 Consolation Winner
Pool B
Sam Galey Granite CC Derrick McLean, Sam Galey, Matt Birklid, Nick Connolly 5 0 Winner
Schreiber Seattle Granite Schreiber, Belinski, Schlecht, Federko 1 3 RR Winner
Imnotyourbuddayguy Granite Matt Macdonald, Jeff Bruce, Brent Campbell, Jason Welcome, Tim Eng 1 3 RR Winner
Demlow GCC Steve Demlow, David Booth, Harry Saylor, Charlie Smith 1 3 RR Winner
Pool C
Lyle Sieg Granite Club Lyle Sieg, Tom Violette, Steve Lundeen, Ken Trask 4 1 RR Winner
Bowling Alone GCC Max Stevens, Chris Parsons, Phil Shryock, Brian Gore 3 1 RR Winner
Schatzman Granite Greg Schatzman, Aaron Thompson, John Maino, Chris Sherry 2 3 RR Winner
Pat sweet Granite Pat sweet, Blake sweet, Dale risling, Jesse riling 1 4 CC Finalist

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