5 and Under Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

February 3-4, 2018 - In Planning

SPIEL IS FULL - TRY AGAIN NEXT YEAR. OPEN TO GCC MEMBERS ONLY, with 5 or less years of experience, and limited to 60 participants. The best spiel for newer curlers and registration is only $50! An excellent learning opportunity, since you’ll play all 4 positions at least once. Register as an individual - teams are formed by the organizer. See MORE INFO for full details.

This event has an individual entry fee of $50.

Individual Entries - 60

Andy Gillstrap
Alexander Kenesson
Christopher Wolf
Ramy Cohen
Ian Ender
Jordan Williams
Bowen Zheng
Richard Palmason
Kathy Justice
Connor Kauffman
Ashleigh Price
Sara Zeglin
Alex Lee
Melanie Zahn
Daphne Chong
Niall Connaughton
Stefanie Wolf
Billy Duss
Daryl Allen
Jeff Jorgenson
Michael Taylor
Gina Triolo
Erik Sanders
Chad Johnson
John Canning
Jeff Pearson
June Fox
Tim Eng
Adam DeConinck
Kyle A Marcum
Stephen Grant
Derek Huang
Renay Bauer
Kerri Sidebottom
Melissa Sienko
Crystal Stasik
Bill Courshon
Jeffrey Peplinski
Dwayne Mercredi
Steven Corcoran
Derek Ristau
Andrew Gingras
Jon Minnick
Allison Whilden
Matthew Whilden
Bethany Campbell
Robi Singh
Lynn Salvati
Chris Willcox
Lee Cerveny
Rose Alokolaro
Eric Lin
Jeff Bruce
Sarah Ip
Brent Campbell
Chris Butler
Geoff McAlpin
Chris Hester
Ryan Demopoulos
Will Dimmit

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