2022 Over the RainbowSpiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

June 3-5, 2022 - In Progress

2022 Over the RainbowSpiel

We are proud to announce our inaugural LGBTQIA+ pridespiel - Over the RainbowSpiel! This open bonspiel will be limited to 28 teams and open to EVERYONE EVERYWHERE! We are hoping to make this event an inclusive and fun celebration of the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC community, and we hope everyone will join us for it.

Winning team in bold. All times are PDT.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Thu 7:00 pm Pre-Party at Union Seattle
Fri 4:00 pm Registration / Greetings
5:00 pm A5. TikleMeister vs. ElFuturoEsFemininx W:A17, L:C2 A3. idk, something gay vs. Somewhere…Over the H W:A16, L:C3 A2. Yellowbrick Yocals vs. Top House Party W:A15, L:C2 A1. Glitter Out of Here vs. Let's Measure W:A15, L:C6 A4. Steal Magnolias vs. Toronto Blue Gays W:A16, L:C3
7:15 pm A9. Las Dianas vs. Deep House Music W:A19, L:C4 A7. Friends of Dorothy vs. TBD (Tan) W:A18, L:C1 A8. Fruity Pebbles vs. Hot Shawtz W:A18, L:C1 A6. See Some/Say Some vs. QEFSL W:A17, L:C6 A10. Rainbow Connection vs. Team Picante W:A19, L:C4
10:00 pm A13. Washington Ferries vs. Hogging the Skittles W:A21, L:C8 A11. Living la vida Aloha vs. Jeff Bruce W:A20, L:C7 A12. WITCH! PLEASE!! vs. Harder Baby, Harder! W:A20, L:C7 A14. Broom my Rocks vs. Gayish W:A21, L:C8  
Sat 8:30 am A15. Winner A1 vs. Yellowbrick Yocals W:A22, L:B1 C2. Top House Party vs. ElFuturoEsFemininx W:C5, L:D2 C4. Las Dianas vs. Loser A10 W:C9, L:D3 C3. idk, something gay vs. Toronto Blue Gays W:C9, L:D2 C1. Friends of Dorothy vs. Loser A8 W:C5, L:D1
10:45 am A16. Somewhere…Over the H vs. Steal Magnolias W:A22, L:B4 A17. TikleMeister vs. Winner A6 W:A23, L:B2 A19. Deep House Music vs. Winner A10 W:A24, L:B3 A20. Winner A11 vs. Winner A12 W:A24, L:B1 A18. TBD (Tan) vs. Winner A8 W:A23, L:B2
11:30 am Lunch (until 1:30pm)
1:30 pm C7. Loser A11 vs. Loser A12 W:C10, L:D3 A21. Hogging the Skittles vs. Gayish W:A26, L:B3 C6. Loser A1 vs. Loser A6 W:C11, L:D1 C5. Winner C1 vs. Winner C2 W:C11 C8. Washington Ferries vs. Broom my Rocks W:C10, L:D5
3:45 pm B2. Loser A17 vs. Loser A18 W:B5 A24. Winner A19 vs. Winner A20 W:A26 A23. Winner A17 vs. Winner A18 W:A25 A22. Winner A15 vs. Somewhere…Over the H W:A25 B1. Loser A15 vs. Loser A20 W:B4
4:30 pm Dinner (until 6:30pm)
6:00 pm Drag Show / Contest
7:30 pm D1. Loser C1 vs. Loser C6 W:D4 C9. idk, something gay vs. Winner C4 W:C12 C10. Winner C7 vs. Winner C8 W:C12 B3. Loser A19 vs. Loser A21 W:B5 D2. Loser C2 vs. Toronto Blue Gays W:D4
9:00 pm Karaoke
9:45 pm A26. Winner A21 vs. Winner A24 W:A27 A25. Winner A22 vs. Winner A23 W:A27 B4. Steal Magnolias vs. Winner B1 W:B6 D3. Loser C4 vs. Loser C7 W:D5  
Sun 9:00 am C11. Winner C5 vs. Winner C6 W:C13 D5. Loser C8 vs. Winner D3 W:D6 B5. Winner B2 vs. Winner B3 W:B6 D4. Winner D1 vs. Winner D2 W:D6 C12. Winner C9 vs. Winner C10 W:C13
11:00 am Brunch (until 12:30pm)
12:00 pm D6. Winner D4 vs. Winner D5 B6. Winner B4 vs. Winner B5 A27. Winner A25 vs. Winner A26 C13. Winner C11 vs. Winner C12  
2:00 pm Awards

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