Knock the Dust Off

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

October 7-8, 2023 - Completed

Knock the Dust Off

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Are you looking for a bonspiel as a warm up for the season? Are you new to curling and wanting to get a tournament under your belt? Are you an experienced curler who can share your love of the sport? Do you just like to have fun? Well, this is the bonspiel for you! The Knock the Dust Off is an annual spiel all about meeting new peeps and providing a mixer for people to find potential teammates for future spiels.

-- Team format: Individual sign ups and bonspiel coordinators will form balanced teams from the participant pool.
-- Games: 4 end games with 6 games each.
-- Price: $80 per person.
-- 80 participant limit
-- Competition format: Schenkel pool play.
-- Prizes: Trophies will be awarded to 1-4th places in both the Gold Dust and Silver Dust pools
-- Food: Saturday Lunch & Dinner, and Sunday Brunch; wear your stretchy pants!
-- Bar: Cash bar staffed by club volunteers.

Be prepared to start curling on Saturday at 10 AM and continue curling every other hour until 9 PM. On Sunday games will start at 9 AM and you will be done curling by 2 PM.

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Teams - 16

Team Name From Members W L T Position
Pool Gold
Dust Daddys GCC Philip Tilker, Rich Burmeister, Stanley Burmeister, Jaxon Tilker 5 1 0  
Dust Busters GCC Andrew Parrish, Cyndi Parrish, Kevin Perry, Mike Rudd 4 0 2  
Dust Ruffles GCC Eric Lin, Colleen Johnson, Jared Oren, Eric Kulcyk 4 1 1  
Dust'n'Dander GCC Sheila Mariano, Jenay Barela, Lynn Salvati, Chris Willcox 4 2 0  
Toxic Tire Dust GCC Robi Singh, Marc Riesenberg, Greg Schmidt, Stefanie Wolf 3 2 1  
Feather Dusters GCC Thorsten Frank, Isaac Harrison, Cody Bernardy, Ahmet Uysal 3 3 0  
Dust on the Bottle GCC Rick Mathis, Matt McLaughlin, Emily Kopca, Karen Juhl 2 3 1  
Dust your Shoulder GCC Cole Kopca, Ashley Galvan, Kara McBroom, Anne Tomsic 2 3 1  
Pool Silver
Dust Pans GCC Kellen Chow, Trevor Trifiro, Alex Chow, Jeff Poisson 4 2 0  
The Dustin Hoffmans GCC Zaid Hamzeh, Greta Miller, June Fox, Pat Sweet 3 3 0  
Dust Bunnies GCC David Streeter-Dybdahl, Ethan Bradford, Xavier Santiago, Alberto Santiago 3 3 0  
Dust in the Wind GCC Erik Swanson, George Peppin, Eric Loh, John Juhl 2 4 0  
From Dust till Dawn GCC Kristina Grundmanis, Christopher Kidder-Mostrom, Brandon Van Avermaete, Stephen Grant 2 4 0  
Martian Dust GCC Katie Moran, Andrea Katkansky, Wendy Harrison, Scott Smith 2 4 0  
Dust Storm GCC Sonja Wesche, April Rhéaume, Trey Harrison, Rhett Garber 1 5 0  
Dusty Springfield GCC Cheryl Crandall, Jill Jackson, Stephanie Boyer, John Massman 1 5 0  

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