Halloween Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

October 27-29, 2023 - In Planning

Halloween Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle Presents: A Halloween Whodunit.

A murder during a bonspiel?!?! Oh no!
Play the role of detective between games! Come as your favorite detectives from pop culture or in Halloween costumes.
Plenty of tricks and treats all weekend.

-- October 27-29 2023
-- $400 / team
-- 3 Games Guaranteed
-- 32 team limit
-- Lunch, dinner and snacks are provided;
-- Cash bar staffed by club volunteers.

Please be prepared to start curling on Friday as early as 5 PM and continue curling until 5 PM on Sunday, the schedule will be finalized as we get closer to the event. We try and take preferred initial draw requests, but they are not guaranteed.

This event has a team entry fee of $400. Sign-up for this event.

Teams - 22

Team Name From Members
Triolo Granite Gina Triolo
Son-Suz-Mat-Tho GCC Sonja Wesche, Suzanne McLaughlin, Matt McLaughlin, Thorsten Frank
Johnson Granite Chad Johnson, Jeff Pearson, Brian Stark, Kevin Hurley, Steve Corcoran
Boos Clues Granite Shannon Brown, Kaitie Kovach, Karen Dunkerley, Alex Chow
Trifiro Granite Trevor Trifiro, Robi Singh
Mystery Inc. Crew Granite Velma McBroom, Fred Schultz, Shaggy Kehres, Daphne Juhl
We're Lit Granite Ali Kidder-Mostrom, Shelley Roberts, Kellen Chow, Mary Holmes
Red Herrings Granite Kristina Grundmanis, Brandon Van Avermaete, Cyndi Parrish, Andrew Parrish
Ku Granite Grace Ku, Chris Riley, Anna Jensen, Kevin Neumann
Crandall Granite Cheryl Crandall, Bryan Pittard, Miyoko Nather, Lee Cerveny
Dodson Granite Bret "totally innocent" Dodson, Jennie "has plausible deniability" Dodson
Reilly Granite James Reilly, Carolyn Beranek
TBD Heileson Granite Monique Heileson, Cristin Clark, Chris Sherry, TBD (Chris B?)
Totally innocent Granite Juliette Tanarro, George Peppin
Halloweeners Granite Emily Bissonnette, Ashleigh price, Tbd, Tbd
Clark Granite Jacqueline Clark
Baxter Granite Dan Baxter, Trey Harrison, Who Else Dunnit w/Us?
Tomten Granite/Detroit/Mayf Berit Tomten, Bret Jackson, Julie Benson, Nick Visnich
Lorvick Granite Lorvick
Clowns are Coming Granite Jeff Bruce, Sarah Ip
Doctor Whodunit Granite Neal Digre, Kate Fox, Will Dimmit, TBD
The Skip is Dead! GCC Mike Taylor, Nate Levin

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