Constructing Curlers Junior Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

January 7-8, 2023 - In Planning

Constructing Curlers Junior Spiel

Junior Spiel is open to all junior curlers. Non GCC members are welcome, but must provide proof of vaccination. We will have 2 divisions - novice & intermediate. The novice division will be a combination of 6 end games - fun, wacky and regular. Some games will be played with Literocks and some with regular stones. The intermediate division will play 8 end games. Sign up is on an individual basis. Teams will be created for the Novice division. Intermediate division can sign up as a team. REGISTRATION CLOSES DEC 2, 2022

Individual Entries - 37

Fiona McLaughlin
Calder Lindhorst
Grant Trier
Stephanie Trier
Ben Hazen
Sam Hazen
Cecil Cameron
Ella Cameron
Asher Mattingly
Sophie Santiago
Xavier Santiago
Oscar Evenson
Amy Westerfield
Isaac Harrison
Shriya Patankar
Samarth Patankar
Henry Crandall
Felix Hester
Faye Barttels
Stanley Burmeister
Ari Zimmerman
Elan Zimmerman
Anne Lampkin
Katie Crim
Ben Crim
Caleb Rickards
Gabriel Joseph
Summit Fleskes
Charlie Meyer
Zach Thompson
Natalie Smith
Preston Casteel
Parker Casteel
Davina Barber
Finley Snow
Daphne Hill
Tanner Holmes