Constructing Curlers Junior Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

January 7-8, 2023 - Completed

Constructing Curlers Junior Spiel

Junior Spiel is open to all junior curlers. Non GCC members are welcome, but must provide proof of vaccination. We will have 2 divisions - novice & intermediate. The novice division will be a combination of 6 end games - fun, wacky and regular. Some games will be played with Literocks and some with regular stones. The intermediate division will play 8 end games. Sign up is on an individual basis. Teams will be created for the Novice division. Intermediate division can sign up as a team. REGISTRATION CLOSES DEC 2, 2022

Teams - 28

Team Name Members W L
Bulldozers Zach Thompson, Davina Barber, Charlie Meyer, Tanner Holmes 3 0
Fork Lifters Asher Mattingly, Max Fenwick, Parker Casteel, Preston Casteel 2 1
Cement Mixers Natalie Smith, Daphne Hill, Stephanie Trier, Fiona McLaughlin 1 2
Excavators Grant Trier, Felix Hester, Finley Snow 0 3
Sawhorses Cecil Cameron, Oscar Evenson, Sam Hazen, Oliver Aguilar Auld 2 0
Pliers Shriya Patankar, Stanley Burmeister, Henry Crandall, Jessie Wu 2 0
Hammers Ari Zimmerman, Elan Zimmerman, Gabriel Joseph, Anne Lampkin 1 1
Drills Katie Crim, Ben Crim, Caleb Rickards, Summit Fleskes 1 1
Screwdrivers Xavier Santiago, Ben Hazen, Isaac Harrison, Samarth Patankar 0 2
Clamps Amy Westerfield, Sophie Santiago, Ella Cameron, Calder Lindhorst 0 2
Managers Stephanie Trier, Charlie Meyer 2 0
Planners Asher Mattingly, Tanner Holmes 2 0
Inspectors Parker Casteel, Felix Hester 1 1
Surveyors Finley Snow, Preston Casteel 1 1
Engineers Grant Trier, Natalie Smith 1 1
Architects Daphne Hill, Davina Barber 1 1
Designers Fiona McLaughlin 0 2
Sub Contractors Zach Thompson, Max Fenwick 0 2
Mash up
Plumbers Zach Thompson, Fiona McLaughlin, Elan Zimmerman, Cecil Cameron 1 0
Painters Grant Trier, Stanley Burmeister, Parker Casteel, Anne Lampkin 1 0
Electricians Natalie Smith, Davina Barber, Ben Hazen, Ari Zimmerman 1 0
Masons Amy Westerfield, Isaac Harrison, Katie Crim 1 0
Ironworkers Tanner Holmes, Ella Cameron, Henry Crandall, Ben Crim 1 0
Carpenters Shriya Patankar, Charlie Meyer, Oscar Evenson, Sam Hazen 0 1
Installers Felix Hester, Stephanie Trier, Calder Lindhorst, Preston Casteel 0 1
Laborers Asher Mattingly, Xavier Santiago, Finley Snow, Summit Fleskes 0 1
Roofers Daphne Hill, Caleb Rickards, Sophie Santiago, Oliver Aguilar Auld 0 1
Glaziers Max Fenwick, Samarth Patankar, Gabriel Joseph, Jessie Wu 0 1

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