Summer Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

June 16-18, 2023 - In Planning

Please consider this your invitation to the Granite Curling Club Summer Spiel 2023! Though it won't last forever, this is a super fun spiel and always sells out; limited to 32 teams. We will be using the same schedule as the 2022 Holiday Spiel. Which means we will begin 5pm on Friday and the finals will end at 5:45pm on Sunday. Please plan travel accordingly.

This event has a team entry fee of $320. Get on the waitlist for this event.

Teams - 32

Team Name From Members
Shot Dogs Granite Jessica Schultz, Shelley Roberts, Cheryl Crandall, Miyoko Nather
Button Mashers Utah Olympic Oval David Hurst, Brendan Wanlass, Tyler Mabey, Adam Olsen
Chow Granite Alex Chow, Kellen Chow, Laura Hanna, Sam Huang
K - Curling GCC JiYoung Lee, MiJung Yi, Dong Joon Lee, EunYoung Lee
Dimmit Granite Will Dimmit, Kate Fox, Andrew Parish, Cyndi Parish
Greyhounds Granite Steven Corcoran, Chad Johnson, Brian Stark, Kevin Button Hurley
Cramer Tampa Bay CC/GCC James Cramer, Chris Hester, David Wiesen, Surprise Guest
Nathan O’Reilly Granite CC Nathan O’Reilly
Karen Juhl GCC Karen Juhl, Zach Kehres, Jeff Pearson, Noella
TBD Neumann Granite Kevin Neumann, Anna Jensen, Grace Ku, Chris Riley
Price Granite Ashleigh Price, Robi Singh, Mike Williams, Mike Curry
Markham Granite Lori Markham
Doerfler Granite Ryan Doerfler
42wks 4 tightcheeks   Chris Bond
Do the Thing! GCC Kaitie Kovach, Shannon Brown, Neal Digre, TBD
ToddLikesBeer Granite Todd Schultz, Alberto Santiago, Mac McCullum
Karly King Simpson Comox Valley Karly King Simpson
Rapids Alumni Royal city D Romani, A-bomb, Matty Ice, Magic Matt, Tammer
Everything Granite Sam Sparks
Hipke Crew Wauwatosa Rob Hipke, Heather Hipke, Tyler Hipke, Connor Hipke, Chase Hipke, Thomas Hipke
Jennifer Saltman Peace Arch CC Ken Henry, Jen Saltman, Michelle MacKinnon, Gary MacKinnon
Watermelon SVCC Steven Bruce, Jason Nie
Peter Wenzek Comox/Royal City Peter Wenzek, Chris Summers, Nigel McInnes
Taylor Granite Mike Taylor, Katie Santiago, Geoff McAlpin, Karen Dunkerley
Jared Belsher Boise Curling Club Jared Belsher, Robo Hanson, Sam Genovese
Cameron Duluth Duane Rutan, TBD, Jeff Erickson, Doug Cameron
Sando Granite Max Sando, Tbd, Tbd, Tbd
Jackie Copp Brandon Copp Jackie Copp
Summer Lovin'   Jen
Lis Collins   Lis Collins, David Durrant, Jimmy Klus, Kathy Thalmann
Ryan Thummel Finger Lakes, GCC Ryan Thummel
Tropic Like It's Hot Madison Curling Club Sylvia Veleker, Max Van Inwegen

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