Summer Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

June 16-18, 2023 - Completed

Summer Spiel

Please consider this your invitation to the Granite Curling Club Summer Spiel 2023! Though it won't last forever, this is a super fun spiel and always sells out; limited to 32 teams. We will be using the same schedule as the 2022 Holiday Spiel. Which means we will begin 5pm on Friday and the finals will end at 5:45pm on Sunday. Please plan travel accordingly.

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Teams - 32

Team Name From Members W L Position
Rapids Alumni Royal city D Romani, A-bomb, Matty Ice, Magic Matt, Tammer 5 0 Winner
Foam is Beer too Comox Valley Karly King Simpson, Ray Michell, Blaire Bezaire, Cliff Carr-Hilton 4 1 Finalist
Steaks Are High Comox/Royal City Chris Summers, Peter Wenzek, Nigel McInnis, Jeff Barber 4 1 B Winner
Cameron 256 Duluth Richard Palmason, Duane Rutan, Jeff Erickson, Doug Cameron 4 1 C Winner
The Maverocks GCC Karen Juhl, Zach Kehres, Jeff Pearson, Noella 3 2 D Winner
Nate's Famous Hotdog Granite Sam Sparks, Nate O'Reilly, Thorsten Frank, Sonja Wesche 3 1 Semifinalist
Spocks of Summer Granite Will Dimmit, Kate Fox, Andrew Parish, Cyndi Parish 3 1 Semifinalist
Matt Davis Bend Curling Club Matt Davis, Tom Piotrowski, Greg, Terry Davis, Greg Jackson 3 2 B Finalist
Markham Granite Lori Markham, Lisa Rauliuk, Jeff Peplinski, Maggie Chana, Doogie Kaufmann 3 2 C Finalist
Pass the SPF GCC Kaitie Kovach, Shannon Brown, Julia Moran, Erik Swanson 2 3 D Finalist
Fruit Salad πŸ“πŸ‡πŸŽπŸŠ GCC Jen Nguyen πŸ“, Greg Schatzman πŸ‡, Chris Sherry πŸŽ, Suzannah Klaniecki πŸŠ 2 1  
Cramer Tampa Bay CC/GCC James Cramer, Chris Hester, David Wiesen, Greg Schmidt 2 1  
42wks 4 tightcheeks   Chris Bond 2 1  
Tequila on the Rocks Granite Katie Santiago, Geoff McAlpin, Karen Dunkerley, Trey Harrison, Mike Taylor - in spirit but not person 2 1  
THE Master Basters Boise Curling Club Jared Belsher, Robo Hanson, Vince Carlson, Matt Lee 2 2  
Slip 'N Slide Granite Alex Chow, Kellen Chow, Laura Hanna, Sam Huang 2 2  
Hipke Crew Wauwatosa Tyler Hipke, Connor Hipke, Chase Hipke, Thomas Hipke, Kayla, Amanda 2 2  
Beach Boys & Girls Peace Arch CC Ken Henry, Jen Saltman, Michelle MacKinnon, Gary MacKinnon 2 2  
Tropic Like It's Hot Madison Curling Club Sylvia Veleker, Max Van Inwegen, Aly Pascuzzi, Kaitlyn Rabel 1 2  
Too hot to HΓ€ndel Granite Dean Cox, Sheila Mariano, Dominic Arico, Trevor Trifiro, John Casey 1 2  
The Shotdogs Granite Mustard Shotdog, Relish Shotdog, Ketchup Shotdog, Mayonnaise Shotdog 1 2  
Watermelon Silicon Valley CC Steven Bruce, Jason Nie, Kathalin Alsmeier, Jeremy Malerich, Melissa Wheeler 1 2  
Button Mashers Utah Olympic Oval David Hurst, Brendan Wanlass, Tyler Mabey 1 2  
Shrimp on the Barbie Granite Ashleigh Price, Robi Singh, Mike Williams, Mike Curry 1 2  
Hi Curling, I'm Dad! Granite Kevin Neumann, Anna Jensen, Grace Ku, Chris Riley 1 2  
K - Curling GCC JiYoung Lee, MiJung Yi, Dong Joon Lee, EunYoung Lee 1 2  
Time to Peel Finger Lakes, GCC Ryan Thummel, Eric Lin, Rachel Lin, Jon Shih 1 3  
Greyhounds Granite Steven Corcoran, Chad Johnson, Brian Stark, Kevin Button Hurley 1 3  
Burgers & Beer GCC Todd Schultz, Alberto Santiago, Mac McCullum, Blake Sweet 0 3  
Hot Curl Summer Granite Ryan Doerfler, Nate Levin, Chad Hessoun, Veronica Padula 0 3  
L:C2 Granite Max Sando, Tupperware Tim, Phil Abbess, James Woo 0 3  
Read β€˜Em and Sweep Vancouver Sonja, Mary Holmes 0 3  

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