Open Doubles Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

April 26-28, 2024 - In Planning

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Ladies and GentleDudes Welcome to the Open Doubles Spiel Redux v2.0! Last year was the first time we had done such a spiel since the before times, and by all accounts it was quite a success. Congrats to our winners Margee Will & Chris Bond, as well as our runners up Chris Hester & Sheila Mariano. I've heard with the influx of doubles curlers at Granite, along with a few out of town teams, the competition should be fierce this year; FIERCE I tell ya. We are going to reserve 25% of the spots for our traveling friends, for a 3 week time period. But good news, we have increased from the 2 day spiel last year to a 3 day spiel this year. It will take us a while to put the schedule together, but please be available to curl 5pm Friday to 5:30pm Sunday; don't worry, we'll feed ya. Entry fee is $220 per team, payment due by April 12th.

Draw Schedule and Results

Teams - 26

Team Name From Members
Seymour Granite Adam Seymour, Margee Will
Mulcahy/Mulcahy Denver Curling Club David Mulcahy, Olivia Mulcahy
Team 2000 Evergreen Kevin Rutherford, Kelsey Schneider
Triolo/Sanders Granite Gina Triolo, Erik Sanders
Birv n Lirv Evergreen Bruce Irvin, Lily Irvin
Clark Bond Granite Cristin Clark, Chris Bond
Marple Granite Martha Marple, Murray Marple
O'Mullane/Hartung Granite Carl Hartung, Sam O'Mullane
Tim Eng Granite Tim Eng, Mary Holmes
Pritzl/Violette Granite Luc Violette, Kyla Pritzl
The Hacks Vancouver Curling Andrew Prest, Sara Kohan
Daniel Simon Evergreen Daniel Simon, Janie Berg
Mariano/Hester GCC Chris Hester, Sheila Mariano
Taiwania Royal City Amanda Chou, Brendon Liu
Stra-pin Palouse CC Nick Pappin, Christine Stratton
Reid the Broom Delta Thistle Michael Reid, Danica Reid
Justimason Granite Kathy Justice, Richard Palmason
Patrick Connolly Cincinnati/Sarnia Patrick Connolly, Sarah Burns
Williams/Williams Granite Jordan Williams, Shelby Williams
Sherry / Walsh   Chris Sherry, Fran Walsh
Clark/Stark GCC Jacqueline Clark, Brian Stark
Tom & Jerry Potomac, Windy City Namini Chaudhari, Girithar Anthay
Crashley Granite Ashley Galvan, Chris Rodesney
Brandon Kilduff Evergreen Brandon Kilduff, Floriana Foarta
Crandall/Arico Granite Cheryl Crandall, Dom Arico
Carl Malaret Oval Carl Malaret, Daniel Young

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