HOT SHOTS Curling Camp

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

November 8-10, 2024 - In Planning

HOT SHOTS Curling Camp

We are excited to stage our first ever HOT SHOTS Curling Camp at the Granite Curling Club of Seattle in 2024. While we have staged camps all over America, this is our inaugural camp in the northwest. We’ve had members from the Granite Club attend our camps in the past. Now, it our chance to reciprocate by bringing our traveling camp program to Seattle’s five-sheet club. This camp will sell-out, so register soon to guarantee your spot.

This event has an individual entry fee of $799. Sign-up for this event until Oct 14, 2024 8:00 pm PDT.

Individual Entries - 56

April Rhéaume
Jeffrey Peplinski
Maggie Korn
James Reilly
Carolyn Beranek
Micah Jenkins
Ryan Doerfler
Colleen Johnson
Jessica Schultz
Miyoko Baensch Nather
Lori Markham
Grant Trier
Jason Burge
Kevin Perry
Will Chen
Mary Holmes
Iowa Nelson
Mijung Wick
Jeff Bell
Molly Tilley
Jacqueline Clark
Stephanie Holm
Steven Russell
Amanda Pizarek
John Pizarek
Mike Kovner
Harrison Thede
Gabi Roozee
Greta Miller
Laurie Goolsby
Jenny Foster
John Casey
Dean Cox
Cicely Wingate
Michele Catalano
Leeanne Chandler
Rachel Pintar
Steven Corcoran
Erik Swanson
Tiffany Steele
Daniel Alpers
Brian Loucks
Julie Loucks
Charles Schrag
Kara McBroom
Kyle Anderman
Lindsey Schmidt
Nicole Holm
Alexander Paladino
Joseph Utecht
Brent Schwan
Melanie Pino
William Pino
Carolyn Broering-Jacobs
Christopher Jacobs

Last Update: 2024 Jul 19 10:55:19 am PDT