Granite Curling Club of Seattle

May 17-19, 2024 - Completed


Broadway on Curling Ice - A tribute to LGBTQIA+ Musicals and Composers

REGISTRATION IS FULL - WE ARE STARTING A WAITLIST RainbowSpiel is back, and this year we're going to Broadway! Join us for a celebration of musicals throughout our spiel weekend - dress up as characters from your favorite show, come sing along with us on Saturday evening for a Broadway singalong show, or just come curl with us and help raise money for Seattle's queer youth outreach center the Lambert House. As usually, we'll be providing meals throughout the weekend including a new dinner on Friday. We'll also be holding our annual costume contest, wine doubles, and more surprises to be announced! This year, to ensure we have room for our guest teams, we'll only be taking the first 16 GCC-member teams and wait-listing the rest until mid-March. At that point, we'll fill any team spots not filled by non-GCC teams from the wait-list in the order that they were received. Registration opens up at noon PST on February 5th, so be sure to get your registration in early to ensure a spot!

Teams - 32

Team Name From Members W L Position
Van Avermaete Granite Brandon Van Avermaete, Trey Harrison, Thorsten Frank, Sam Sparks 5 0 Winner
Rock of Ages Granite James Pleasants, Nicholas Pleasants, Christopher Pleasants, Jaynie Pleasants 4 1 Finalist
Wide Slide Story Vancouver CC Jonathan Benjamin, Sanya Oh, Floyd Bardell, Jeff Timmins 4 1 B Winner
Avenue Q Granite Miyoko Baensch, Geoff McAlpin, Shelley  Roberts, Sam O’Mullane 4 1 C Winner
Dreamcurls SFBACC Chris Mina, Peter Garbes, Chris Cummings, Veronica Wang 3 2 D Winner
Curl-a-lot Granite Sam Dobes, Gerik Dobes, Colin Goldberg, Andrew Parrish 3 1 Semifinalist
philip tilker seattle philip tilker, jaxon tilker, rich burmeister, stanley burmeister 3 1 Semifinalist
Little Orphan Daddy Ottawa CC Jamie Cleveland, Peter Fortier, Marc Nadeau, Brendan Sabo 3 2 B Finalist
Pride Rocks Chilliwack Matthew Holder, Sherry Liptak, Ashley Holder, André Angelhart 3 2 C Finalist
Don’tCurlForMeARG GCC Suzanne, Grace Ku, Jessica Schultz, Todd Schultz 2 3 D Finalist
Anything Goes Granite Nate Levin, Chad Hessoun, Iowa Nelson, Phil Shryock 2 1  
Family Juhls Granite Karen Juhl, Zach Kehres, Katie Santiago, Chris Bond 2 1  
Colorcitos VCC Angelica Perez Anzures, Estefana, Heidi Lin, Robbie Gallaugher 2 1  
Dead Girls Sliding Granite Eric Lin, Amy Lin, Will Dimmit, Kate Fox 2 1  
Dolly Pardon MyMess Anchorage Justin Fulkerson, Abby Elbow, Heather Alley, Veronica Padula 2 2  
The Pink Ladies Granite Stephanie Lee, Cyndy Eng-Dinsel, Sonja Wesche, Heidi Kiliany 2 2  
Brigabroom Evergreen Shawneen Gonzalez, Kurt Kessinger, Katie Devlin Chae, Erin Neil 2 2  
Mission From God Granite Chad Johnson, Jeff Pearson, Ashley Galvan, Keith Freeland 2 2  
Fun Home Evergreen/Granite Sarah Maywalt, Cori Tomlinson, Cheryl Crandall, Mike Taylor 1 2  
Deep House Music Granite Alex Reynolds, Reid Uratani, Jared Oren, Shannon Brown 1 2  
Tick Tick Broom Hollywood Gabriel Urioste, Garnet Howells, Matt Wait, James Russell 1 2  
Kinky Brooms Evergreen Mel Sienko, Jim Schneider, Fran Poodry, Mary Bourret, George Middleton 1 2  
The Lion King Granite D Donald, Michelle Toi, Kristina Grundmanis, Eva Urbatsch 1 2  
Mean Curls Wine Country CC Allison Malia, Linda Kingsbury, Ross Macy, Ilene Barbree 1 2  
Annie Get Your Rock ACC Barbara Harmon, Dan Bogan, Jef Spaleta, Charles Schrag 1 2  
The Color Purple Granite Kevin Neumann, Anna Jensen, Adam Seymour, Melanie Zahn 1 2  
North Pacific Granite Bret Dodson, Jennie Dodson, Andrea Katkansky, Emily Bissonnette 1 3  
Cabagay HllywdFbksSlndCncnti Christopher Bruton, Dara Merz, Ryan Claussen, Glenn Prince 1 3  
The Book of More-men ECC Ben Steer, Jason Moreland, Dollie Carlson Gogos, CJ Johnson 0 3  
Las Dianas (Mex) SFBACC/CurlVegas/HCC Adriana Camarena, Karla Knepper, Veronica Huerta, Karla Martinez, Doug Dalziel (Coach) 0 3  
Curl from Away Denver Shelly Bleckley, Janet Binns, Nolan Green, Kelsey Stark 0 3  
Rock-y Horror Granite Raven Faulkner, Kara Brown, Kar Fedosh, Moss Billman 0 3  

Last Update: 2024 Jun 15 3:25:26 am PDT