State Club Championships

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

December 17-19, 2011 - Completed

Team Information



John (Jake) Vukich, Robert McAuley, Luc Violette, Kyle Lorvick

Record: 0-3

Lost Saturday 9:00 am - Game A3
Guzman     2   4 6 7   8        
Blank: 1 Score
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Vukich H   3 5                  
Lost Saturday 2:00 pm - Game B2
Calcagno     2 4   6 8 10 11        
Score 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Vukich H 1   3 5 7   9          
  1. calcagno draw to open house for a deuce.
  2. jake (red) setting up big end, as mike (blue) draws through house.
    last rock a bit wide, rolls out, but still scores deuce.
  3. vukich sits 2, calcagno's last rock.
    calcagno doubles reds out, scores 1 - measure for 2nd shot.
  4. great hit and stick by luc violette. terrific sweep by his mates. red sitting 1.
    skip rocks, red sits 2 back 12, left and right.
    jake draws for deuce.
  5. blue sits 2. top 12 and 4 foot, staggered. second rocks.
    red takes out rock on 4-foot. sticks for shot.
    blue hits and rolls to pin.
    blue sitting 2.
    red rubs on top blue, bumps second blue to back 12, red sits near pin.
    blue hits, rolls to back 12, sits 3.
    vukich calls hit on back blue, soft weight, hits and rolls behind second blue. blue sits 2
    blue draws heavy to back 12. blue may sit 3. hard to tell.
    red attempting to freeze to blue in back 12. light just short of t line. red sits 1.
    blue hits and rolls to back 12. doesn't figure in count, as red outcounts. blue sits at least 2, maybe 3. everything behind t line except single blue in top 12 behind guard.
    jake draws heavy, attempting freeze, bounces and rolls out. blue still sits 2, perhaps 3.
    calcagno's first rock, a draw.
    heavy, into rocks in back 12. blue sits 3. jake's last rock.
    red draws a bit heavy and wide. sits 1 but rolled a bit to the outside. calcagno is left with soft hit for the win. mike in the hack...
    mike's shot is narrow, and misses red. blue scores just 1, and we move to an extra end...
  6. blue throws tight center guard.
    red attempts tick, raises blue to back 12.
    jeremy dinsel (blue) replaces center guard, a bit higher, just left of center. red guard sits tighter, just to right of center.
    red attempts raise.
    red raises own rock to back 4. red sits 1.
    blue throws another guard a bit higher.
    red tries peel, makes double runback takeout on blue in house. red sits one,
    blue draws in to 4-foot, blue sits 1.
    red attempts peel, noses. red guarding a blue rock on the 4 foot.
    andrew ernst (blue) throws guard, a bit wide.
    red throws peel.
    3 rocks in front of house, with blue sitting 1 in 4 foot. a red rock sits back 4 foot, second shot,
    blue throws another guard, evan mccauley (red) continues peeling.
    calcagno (blue) throws yet another guard.
    plugs hole.
    blue sitting 1, red sitting second shot biting back 4.
    jake (red) thowing big weight to clear front. a bit wide, leaves 2 rocks in front of house, guarding blue shot rock,
    calcagno uses last rock to continue junking up the front.
    tough shot lefty for jake (red). team talking over options...
    jake throwing a draw to the button.
    comes up just light, perhaps 3-4 inches. blue steals 1 for the win.
Lost Sunday 9:00 am - Game C2
Vukich   2 4 5 7   9            
Score 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Guzman H   1     3   6   8