US Women's Challenge Round - Draw 8

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

Draw 8. Sunday January 20, 2013 2:00 pm PST

Sheet 2 - Game C8 - Complete
Lin   3 5 7   10              
Blank: 1 6 Score
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Anderson H 2   4 8 9 11            
  1. initial shot in the house. Trading takeouts.
  2. Trading takeouts until Red misses one, but a few shots later Lin hits and rolls out. Anderson hits and sticks returning us to the mundane trading of takeouts. On last rock hit and stick.
  3. Fuller house this time with Lin lying two. Anderson third last shot is narrow and ticks on the guard. Lin draws to lie three. Anderson doubles and pushes the third away from center. Lin's first shot is through the house. Anderson hits and is just shy of rolling out. Lin has to draw.
  4. corner guard with red in front of yellow behind it. Lin crashes on the guard trying to take out the red. Anderson draws.
  5. Anderson lying three, two behind cover on the left and one at the back of the other side. Lin's first shot is a draw near the two on the left. Anderson barely hits with her last rock and rolls out. Lin draws.
  6. Lin's third throws a great draw behind a center guard. Anderson's third peels it. Lin draws the corner. Anderson makes the double. Lin hits and stays. Anderson hits and rolls out.
  7. Anderson third last shot hits and rolls behind the two center guards. Lin draws on top of it. Anderson draws to lie two. Lin hits and sticks. Anderson flashes.
  8. Anderson third last shot is a great draw behind the center guard. Lin third draws on top of it. - red is counting. Anderson draws just off the corner. Lin draws another on top. Anderson consults with coach and decides to try for a difficult double - which has to dump the shot stone. She moves the two yellows away and keeps the raised stone as shot. Lin hits and rolls partly covered behind the guard. Anderson has to draw and makes a great shot.
  9. Lin lying two with some coverage for Anderson's first shot. Anderson draws in front of the shot rock, but is a touch short. Lin draws in front of that one. Anderson makes a sensational hit and roll to take out the shot rock and lie two. Lin hits and rolls out the other side.
  10. Something of a guard/peel fest as red lies one and there's one red guard up front. Lin third throws a draw in front of the shot. Anderson chips out the guard instead of hitting it. Lin hits the shot rock and rolls to just bite. Anderson hits the yellow. Lin hits the red. Anderson flashes on the biter takeout. Lin misses the split but ties.
  11. Anderson third attempts a runback but only moves the yellow to the side of the four behind the shooter. Anderson's first shot hits and rolls behind cover on the button. Lin tries the runback and misses. Anderson doesn't have to throw her last stone.
Sheet 3 - Game C7 - Complete
Stolt   2 4 7 10                
Blank: 6 9 Score
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Clark H 1 3 5 8 11              
  1. Full house with mostly yellow as Patti follows the previous rock to lie one. Stolt counters. Clark bumps but rolls to the side. Stolt draws to lie one or two. Clarks draws on top of the two counters.
  2. Trading takeouts until Clark misses one and Stolt is on track for a deuce. Stolt comes up light for a guard. Clark removes the shot stone. Stolt draws behind the guard. Clark is light leaving Stolt a draw for two, but she's heavy.
  3. As Clark throws her first rock, the house is empty with a long center guard. Stolt hits and rolls but not out. Clark hits and sticks.
  4. Clean house. Clark's last rock hits and stays. Stolt hits but doesn't quite roll out.
  5. Trading takeouts. Clark's last rock hits and stays.
  6. Stolt hits and rolls out.
  7. Stolt third draws the side partly covered against two red at back of the house. Clark hits and stays. Stolt hits and stays. Clark hits and stays. Stolt hits and stays (as she has to because of the two in the back).
  8. Clark hits and stays.
  9. There are actually rocks in play as Stolt lies two behind a long red guard. Christina makes a great double around the guard. So we're back to hit and hit. Stolt draws on her first shot - ignoring the red biter - but is heavy. Clark's draw is light. Stolt hits the biter.
  10. Clark calls for Allen to put a guard in front of a yellow guard and two red shot stones - it's a bit wide but does make the runback difficult. Stolt peels the guard. Allen throws another guard that's probably easier to double with the other guard. Stolt only gets one of the guards. Clark hogs her guard. Stolt makes the runback but rolls almost out. Clarks draws the top of the house but is only third shot. Stolt has to raise for one.
  11. As Chistina's last rock is up, red is shot with a yellow just in front of it - behind a yellow center line guard. Clark and Allen decide on the peel. Then for the next shot, they decide on the guard, but it's in the house. Stolt draws to the top of the four. Allen draws in front of it. Stolt draws in front of that. Allen hits a bit to the side. Stolt is a bit narrow and peels one of the many guards. Clark guards close the big clutch of rocks. Stolt doesn't have any good options - goes for a complicated raise raise takeout. She's narrow and Clark doesn't have to throw the hammer.

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