Washington Junior & Senior State Championships


Senior Men:  5 Team Single Round Robin (no double-knockout provision) (8-end games)
Junior Men:  Best of 5 Games (10-end games)
Junior Women:  Best of 5 Games (10-end games)

Pre-Competition Practice and Team Meeting (Juniors)

Friday 4pm (immediately following Draw 1) – Junior Practices (10 minutes per sheet)
Friday 5pm – Junior Team Meeting


For all games:  Team listed first on draw schedule has BLUE rocks.  Team listed first has FIRST practice, except games marked (f) coin flip for choice of practice time. 

First practice begins 30 minutes prior to the scheduled draw time.  Second practice begins 20 minutes prior to the scheduled draw time.  Practice is 9 minutes of delivery and sweeping.  After practice, one player delivers a Last Stone Draw (LSD).  The team with the shortest distance has choice to deliver first or second in the first end. For Senior Men, be sure to record the LSD as its average (DSC) may be necessary for placement in any tiebreakers.  Teams not available for practice receive an LSD of 73 (inches).  If LSD is a tie, flip a coin for who gets choice of delivery.