2014 Washington State Club Championships - Draw 2

Draw 2. Saturday December 14, 2013 2:00 pm PST

Sheet 2 - Complete
Kauffman Granite Curling Club 8.000* 2 3 5 9                
Score 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Larway Granite Curling Club 6.250*   1 4 6 7 8   10        
  1. Joel bumps the blue at the top of the house into the blue at the back - It looks like red is lying one. Doug bumps the upper red one out and separates the two back ones to lie 3. Joel has to draw the button.
  2. Kaufman has blues on both sides of the twelve foot with a bunch of reds up front. Benj draws the back of the our relatively open. John hits and rolls to the back edge of the twelve to lie 3. Joel hits and sticks on the back rock - wide open. Doug hits and sticks to lie 3. Joel hits and rolls behind a guard to lie one. Doug crashes on the guard.
  3. After the leads filled the house, the seconds are doing their best to empty it. Benj draws next to a red in the back. There's a blue front right behind a guard. John peels one of the reds leaving the exchange of shots moot. Benj draws light to the top of the twelve with neither a guard or second shot. John bumps the back red back to lie 2. Joel removes his jacket, bumps the blue back, and rolls behind long cover to lie one. Doug draws next to it - but a little deeper - still red one. Joe guards just in front of the house. Doug just misses the runback double to give up one.
  4. Blue puts up guards, red peels them. Benj makes a double peel leaving only a red guard on the close corner. John draws the back of the house. Benj hits and sticks. John bumps the guard to roll in front of the red. Joel removes the blue and rolls to the opposite side of the house. Doug half buries behind the top red. Joel runs back and removes the blue. Doug has to draw for one.
  5. Chad is a bit heavy for a tick on a guard so everything goes back. Second try moves the guard about a foot. Liam draws around the guard. Peter removes a guard. Liam guards. Peter doubles a guard and the shot rock. John draws the 8 foot half covered. Benj takes out the guard, but the shooter goes to the center line. John draws top eight fairly well covered. Benj peels the red guard. Doug's guard is 2 feet wide. Joel removes the top shot rock. Doug ticks the top rock to lie 2 - but it's fully open. Joel actually doubles the two!

*Last Stone Draw (LSD) in inches.  Lowest score gets hammer/choice in first end.

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