2014 Washington State Club Championships - Draw 4

Draw 4. Sunday December 15, 2013 9:00 am PST

Sheet 3 - Complete
Kauffman Granite Curling Club 0.000* 1 2 5 7 9              
Score 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Vukich Granite Curling Club 24.750* 3 4   6 8 10            
Ben Richardson playing lead for Vukich this morning.
  1. Evan hits and rolls to empty the house. John is light and wide on his draw to outside the house. Jake draws to the twelve outside. Doogie peels. Jake draws the button. Doogie hits and just rolls to the corner.
  2. Liam replaces a guard on two rocks at the top of the four - it's a little narrow. Luc is a little narrow to peel it. John's guard is at the top of the twelve right inbetween. Evan doubles the guard and one of the shot rocks. John guards. Evan throws another runback double. Doogie draws the back of the four through the few guards. Jake taps it back about a foot. Doogie corner freezes on it to lie one. Jake's draw is narrow and raises a guard - but not to shot.
  3. Evan hits and rolls to the outside. There's a pile of rocks in front to the right of center. John hits the outside red and rolls out. Evan ticks the guard instead of coming in. Doogie draws behind cover. Jakes misses a runback double. Doogie draws and slightly splits leaving a double possibility. Jake gets it.
  4. Jake has jammed up the front, but Doogie has drawn around. Evan corner freezes on the shot blue. John bumps the red blue combo to leave red one. Evan kinda guards. John bumps and rolls off, but doesn't change anything. Jake guards. Doogie opens something up - but not much. Jake guards. Doogie just misses a tick into the house.
  5. Similar to the last end, red has a bunch up front. Blue has a counter on the outside. John's peel jams on the counter leaving a red near the button. Evan guards. John peels. Jake's guard is a touch deep. Doogie is a bit narrow to jam on the back red. Jake draws to the outside to lie two. Doogie draws the button.
  6. Red has two behind the T-line, blue center guard. John hits and rolls to the back twelve. Evan hits and stays. Doogie hits and rolls out. Jake draws short - can't tell whether it's second or third. Doogie ticks a guard and rolls to shot but open. Jake hits and rolls out. Measure for one or two.
  7. Evan looking at four in the house, peels one. John draws a bit heavy in the back eight. Evan almost doubles - shooter in shot in front of one of the ones he moved. John hits and stays to lie four. Jake calls for time out. Jake corner freezes on the shot rock at the back. Doogie is heavy leaving red shot. Jake draws another in. Doogie has only a draw
  8. John draws the center to lie two. Evan hits and sticks - blue lies one. John draws behind the previous shooter half buried. Evan hits the blue and rolls out. Doogie draws in back again a little deeper and half covered. Jake draws top of the twelve, blue still shot. Doogie corner bumps his shot rock - leaving a possible double. Jake hits and sticks.
  9. Andrea draws fully behind a red guard. Luc draws next to it. Liam doubles it out along with a rock that used to be at the back. Liam draws half behind a corner guard. Evan draws in front of the two in the four foot. John misses everything and comes out the back. Evan draws wide and it's wide open. John comes wide again and ticks the red in for shot - ouch. Jake raises his top red into blue leaving a lonely blue in front of his shot red. Doogie hit raises to lie two. Jake doubles to lie two or three. Doogie doubles.
  10. Andrea center guards. Ben draws four foot half covered. Andrea center guards again. Ben ticks the top guard away - nice shot. Liam guards right in front of the other guard. Luc double peels. Liam guards. Luc peels. John guards. Evan peels. John guards just over the hog. Evan peels. Doogie guards. Jake peels. Doogie draws but a foot short of the freeze. Jake hits.
Sheet 4 - Complete
Good Granite Curling Club       3 5                
Score 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Konno Granite Curling Club H 1   2   4 6     7 9    
  Blank: 8
  1. Red had the house split but a series of misses and roll outs has Em shooting with one in the house already - it over curls. Miyo hits and sticks equally open. Em hits and rolls to the other side of the house. Miyo hits and stays.
  2. Kris hits and rolls out - red lies two. Jenn draws to the back rock - it's a little narrow. Kris hits and sticks to lie three. Jenn is light - just what she didn't want to do. Miyo guards. Em draws a bit short to lie third. Miyo guards. Em is wide.
  3. Six rocks in the house. Red is shot surrounded by blues. Kris freezes on a blue and pushes the shot red a little more out of reach. Several misses leave us in essentially the same position although a little more open - all rocks thrown are in play - all but one in the house. Miyo draws the top of the twelve. Em makes a great corner raise to lie three. Miyo is little narrow and doesn't change things much. Em's draw is narrow.
  4. Em guards - to lie three. The solo red is top edge of the twelve. Miyo raises that red to lie second. Em's guard is narrow. Miyo makes a runback.
  5. Kris hits and rolls to leave red shot, blue in front of it, red on outside. Jenn draws in front of the shot rock by about three feet. Kris is a bit narrow - comes behind the red guard. Jenn just gets by the guard and ticks a blue between the other blue and the shot red. Miyo ticks the red to clear things out only a little. Em double raises and is lying one or two. Miyo hits and sticks to lie one or two. Em raises.
  6. Jenn hits and stays on the red at the top of the twelve to lie one. Kris hits and stays to lie one. Jenn hits and sticks to lie one at the edge of the twelve. Kris draws third covered by the red in front at the four foot. Em hits and rolls out. Miyo's draw is light ticks on the guard and rolls to the top of the twelve wide open. Em hits and rolls to the outside - forcing Miyo to draw.
  7. Christy's draw is a touch light but still available for a raise, red is shot. Claire draws to lie two. Jenn bumps nicely to lie one. Kris bumps to lie one. Exchange of shots. Kris guards. Jenn's raise is a touch narrow and doesn't get shot. Miyo raises to lie two. Em is a wide and takes out her own to leave red lying four. Miyo is wide and heavy to lie five. Em calls for time. Em is a bit narrow on a double.
  8. House is clean, Jenn puts up a corner guard. Kris peels it. Em corners. Miyo peels. Em corners, it just bites. Miyo peels. Em draws short.
  9. Jenn's guard is a bit narrow for the only rock in the house. Kris hits and rolls behind that guard. Jenn draws on its corner. Miyo peels. Em draws. Miyo doubles. Em hits and stays - but not enough.

*Last Stone Draw (LSD) in inches.  Lowest score gets hammer/choice in first end.

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