Washington Junior and Senior Championships

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

December 27-28, 2014 - Completed

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For Juniors, these Regional Championships determine who goes on to the National Junior Championships January 17-24 in Devil's Lake, ND. To play, you must register with the USCA by Dec 3, 2014. Registration opens on Nov 5th with an early registration discount for registering by Nov 19th.

Seniors are playing for bragging rights. You can register with the USCA to play in the National Senior Championships Jan 28th - Feb 1, 2015 in Eveleth, Minnesota by Dec 17, 2014. Registration opens on Nov 12th with an early registration discount for registering by Dec 3rd.

Teams - 9

Team Name Members W L DSC*
Junior Men
Connolly Nicholas Connolly, Kent Suslavich, Kyle Lorvick, Benjamin Richardson, coach: David Booth 2 1 16.850
McAuley Robert McAuley, Blake Sweet, Errol Bucy, Alaric Sawade, coach: Ken Mabbatt 1 2 91.850
Senior Men
Sieg Lyle Sieg, Tom Violette, Ken Trask, Steve Lundeen, Duane Rutan 4 0 0.350
Knievel Bob Knievel, Charles Booth, John Rasmussen, Bill Ruddick 3 1 26.950
Smith Charlie Smith, Barry VanWieringen, Ethan Bradford, Mike Babcock 1 3 10.750
Iwanick Arnie Iwanick, Bob McAuley, Bob Thibodeaux, Mitch Hymnowitz 1 3 19.267
Pleasants James Pleasants, Doug Potter, Stuart Beck, Mike Carlisle, Jon Wilson 1 3 23.500
Senior Women
TBD   1 0 3.700
Vukich Sharon Vukich, Beth Bronger Jones, Laurel Gore, Linda Cornfield 0 1 51.600

*Draw Score Challenge (in inches) - a seeding factor for the playoffs.