Washington Mixed Championship

Team Meeting

The team meeting will be at 08:15 on Saturday morning. All athletes must be in attendance.


The teams have mutually agreed to play a "Best of Three" format.

Rules of Play

  1. USCA rules of play govern play unless noted below.
  2. Games are 8 ends with extra ends played as necessary. Practice time and rock color are on the draw schedule.
  3. First practice begins 30 minutes prior to the scheduled draw time. Second practice begins 20 minutes prior to the scheduled draw time. Practice is 8 minutes of delivery and sweeping.
  4. At the conclusion of each team's pre-game practice, different players deliver two stones to the tee at the home end, one stone with a clockwise and the other with a counter-clockwise rotation. In Mixed curling each gender must deliver one stone, but the team selects the sweepers independent of their gender (For example, one male and one female must throw the two LSDs per draw, but you don't necessarily need the same sweepers for both. You may have one of the males who throws the LSD sweep the other LSD). By the end of the first two games, each player from each team must have thrown one and only one LSD. Sweeping is allowed. An official measures the distance between the stone and the tee in inches. The first stone will be measured and removed from play before the second stone is delivered. Any stone covering the pin (even partially) will be measured as zero inches and any stone outside of the house will be marked as 73 inches. The distances recorded for each stone added together gives the team its LSD total for that game. The team with the lesser LSD total has the choice of delivering the first or second stone in the first end of that game. If the LSD totals for both teams are the same, a coin toss decides which team has the choice of delivering the first or second stone in the first end. Each player on the team must throw a minimum of 1 LSD over the course of the round-robin. If the LSD values are equal, the first tiebreaker is the better non-equal individual LSD. A coin toss will be used only if both individual LSDs match for both teams.
  5. For the third game, the teams will flip for practice and rock color.
  6. Teams not available for practice receive an LSD of 73+73=146 (inches).
  7. Please post scores promptly after each end - including the final end.