2017 International Tankard

Marpole Curling Club

March 17-19, 2017 - Completed

The International Tankard is a partnership of Region 11 of CurlBC and the Washington State Curling Association. Curling Clubs Nominate worthy volunteers from British Columbia and the United States to attend this special event to be recognized and participate in a weekend of friendly competition and curling fellowship.

Teams - 12

Team Name Members W L T
Canada 9 9 0
Canada4 Tracey Dear (Gibsons CC), Reuben Bartlett (CurlBC Region 11), Roy Stagg (Royal City CC), Paula LaSage (Abbotsford CC) 3 0 0
Canada1 Bob Fatkin (Abbotsford CC), Bruce Handysides (Mission Granite Club), Marty Perry (Marpole CC), Ty Tomlinson (Langley CC) 2 1 0
Canada2 Jane Adams (Chilliwack CC), Rob Smith (Golden Ears Winter Club), Brenda Sims (CurlBC Region 11), Jim Wensick (Richmond CC) 2 1 0
Canada3 Jim Adams (Chilliwack CC), Elaine Collins (Port Moody CC), Nancy Stagg (Royal City CC), Don Dorish (Howe Sound CC) 1 2 0
Canada5 Jay Dear (Gibsons CC), Connie Bailey (Marpole CC), Faye Babiuk (Richmond CC), Hal Hughson (Howe Sound CC) 1 2 0
Canada6 Sheryl Fitzgerald (Port Moody CC), John Babiuk (Richmond CC), John Hobson (Comox CC), Laura Tomlinson (Langley CC) 0 3 0
USA 9 9 0
USA5 Joel Russ (Granite CC), Lisa Rugen (Granite CC), Chris Sherry (Granite CC), Cecile Baril (Evergreen CC) 3 0 0
USA2 Cyndy Eng-Dinsel (Granite CC), Bill Rugen (Granite CC), Barbara Feist (Evergreen CC), George Lightner (Missoula CC) 2 1 0
USA6 April Gale-Seixeiro (Granite CC), Lisa Rauliuk (Granite CC), Jim Smoltz (Evergreen CC), Liam Barksdale (Granite CC) 2 1 0
USA1 Steve Seixeiro (Granite CC), Aaron Thompson (Granite CC), Pam Pfiffner (Evergreen CC), Richard Cruz (Hollywood CC) 1 2 0
USA4 Lori Markham (Granite CC), Dominic Arico (Granite CC), Gail Starr(Evergreen CC), Ben Womack (Ogden CC) 1 2 0
USA3 Harry Saylor (Granite CC), Karien Balluff (Granite CC), Joe Maser (Evergreen CC), Jared Belsher (Boise CC) 0 3 0

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