2017 Washington Club and U-18 Championships

Doug Potter, Event Chair – Joel Russ, Chief Umpire

Team Meeting

The team meeting will be at 08:15 on Saturday morning. All athletes must be in attendance.  Speak to the Chief Umpire or Event Organizer if you need an exception.


Three team double round-robin.  Games are 10 ends.  First practice begins 30 minutes prior to the scheduled draw time.

USCA rules apply.  Please pay special attention to Equipment (p. 24) and Last Stone Draw (LSD) (p. 43).  Each team member must throw at least one CW and CCW LSD.

Playoffs after Round Robin

One team has 4-0 record or one team has 3-1 record:  No play off, that team is the winner.

Two teams have 3-1 record:  One game playoff between those teams.

Three teams have 2-2 record:  two game single elimination playoff.  Seeding by DSC.