U-18 and Senior State Championships

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

December 27-29, 2019 - Completed

The fields are set for U-18. Since there is only one girls team, they go directly on to the national championship. The junior girls play scrimmage games during this event.

The boys play best of five.

The seniors play best of three. This is a fun event - and is good only for bragging rights in the state. There are separate sign-up-and-go national senior championships.

Teams - 13

Team Name From Members W L Position
Senior Men
C. Smith Granite Charles Smith, Dave Debois, Ethan Bradford, Barry VanWieringen 2 0 Champion
Pleasants Granite James Pleasants, Stuart Beck, Richard Palmason, Jeff Pearson 0 2  
Senior Women
Vukich Granite Sharon Vukich, Jaynie Pleasants, June Fox, Betty Kozai, Kathy Justice 2 0 Champion
Krienke Granite Nadyne Krienke, Marj Yalowicki, Leslie Frosch, Sally Walker 0 2  
U18 Boys
Kauffman Granite Connor Kauffman, Alexander Couckuyt, Andrew Bell, Arjun Thomas, Chris  Sherry (coach) 3 1 Champion
Zheng Granite Bowen Zheng, Alexander Lee, Wangzi Ge, Lennox Weiner, James Cramer (coach) 1 3  
U18 Girls
S-Larway   Joel 1 0  
S-Thompson   Aaron 1 0  
S-Rugen   Bill 1 0  
S-Shoesmith   John Shoesmith 1 0  
S-Konno   Miyo Konno, Aryn Grause 1 0  
S-Violette   Luc Violette, Tim Eng, Will Dimmit, Faye Alyesse 1 0  
Rauliuk Granite Arianna Rauliuk, Allison R Tan, Abigail Lin, Mari Torii-Karch, Faye Alesse, Fran Walsh (coach) 0 6  

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