PNWCA Senior Championship

Event Format and Procedures

Format: 4-Team Round Robin with double loss provision.

  • Team listed first on draw chart delivers Yellow stones and will practice first, except for first draw (*) where teams will flip for choice of practice.
  • Last Stone in First End determined by two Last Stone Draws at the end of practice. Teams will deliver one stone with clockwise rotation, followed by one with counter-clockwise rotation, by two different players. Team with lesser (better) total distance receives last stone in first end.
  • Pre-game practice begins 30 minutes prior to scheduled draw time. Teams will have 9 minutes of practice time, followed by Last Stone Draws.
  • Each player must throw at least one (1) LSD over the course of the round robin.
  • Games are 8-ends and untimed.


  • Tiebreaker games: the team who won their round robin game has choice of color or last stone.
  • Double Loss Provision games: the team who went undefeated in the round robin has choice of color and last stone in all playoff games.
  • In all playoff games, the team throwing first stone of the first end will have second practice.