2022 PNWCA Mixed Championship


Welcome to the Mixed Playdown!


There are five teams registered:

Team Argetsinger (ECC): Ernie Argetsinger, Karen Fairley, Ron Fairley, Katherine Phillips-Hamblett

Team Dimmit (GCC): Will Dimmit, Katherine Fox, Adam Seymour, Margee Will

Team Irvin (ECC): Bruce Irvin, Lily Irvin, Lauren Rich, Dan Simon

Team Maywalt (ECC): Jeffrey Brice, Sarah Maywalt, Matt Rockett, Lisa Yamamoto

Team Preiss (Inland NW): Christine Clock, Seth Clock, Ben Preiss, Lin Preiss




COVID Issues


All players and guests will need to follow the ECC COVID Policy


COVID-19 Policy (evergreencurling.org)


All players will need to complete the ECC Waivers

Liability Waivers (evergreencurling.org)


The current USA Curling Rules can be found at

2021-22+Rules+of+Curling++Comp+FD+11.11.21.pdf (squarespace.com)

Please note Rule R14 with specific rules related to Mixed Curling.

Games will be timed – each team will receive 30 minutes of thinking time for an eight-end game. See the rules above for more information regarding Game Timing.


All players will need to use approved WCF brush heads. Brush heads will be checked prior to the first draw.

Specifications for brushes in elite curling - World Curling Federation







o   Competition

·                     Single Round Robin with Double Knockout Provision

o   Pre-event practice

·                     Three teams at 11AM and two at 1130AM

·                     Eight minutes on each sheet rotating A to B, B to C and C to A

o   Team Meeting at 1230PM on Friday

·                     At least one team member required to be in attendance. Teams not attending will        forfeit last stone in first end of first game.

·                     Format, schedule, and any questions will be reviewed

o   Team Line-up Cards will be completed at end of Team Meeting

·                     Specify throwing order and skip/vice positions for first game

·                     Changes in other games made with Umpire prior to first practice

·                     Make sure you have it correct – the penalty is game forfeit

o   Pregame Practice

·                     Nine minutes with one minute warning. Move rocks to home end.

·                     Two Last Stone Draws (LSD) to determine Last Stone in First End (LSFE).

·                     Each gender delivers one stone – clockwise (CW) first then counter-clockwise (CCW).

·                     Each player must deliver one CW and one CCW over course of round robin.

·                     After 2nd practice -- Ice crew will mop with officials tabulating LSD. Please stay off ice to give them room/time.

o   Playoffs/Tiebreakers

·                     Two draws as necessary on Sunday; play until only one team has less than 2 losses.

·                     Three-way tie for first place at 3-1: Rank teams by Draw Shot Challenge (DSC). #2 plays #3 with winner playing #1.

·                     Five-way tie for first place at 2-2: Rank teams by DSC. #5 team eliminated. #1 plays #4 and #2 plays #3, with winners moving to final.

·                     Undefeated round robin team will have choice of LSFE and color for all games. Team with first stone first end (FSFE) will get second practice.

·                     Tiebreakers: Winner of round robin game will have choice of LSFE or color. Team with FSFE will get second practice.




o   Game Timing

·                     Thirty minutes of thinking time for an eight-end game. Extra end -- 4:30 for each team.

·                     Each team shall complete its part of the game within the timeframe given, or the team will forfeit the game.

·                     One 60 second timeout per game with additional timeout for each extra end.

·                     One minute break between ends with five minutes after the fourth end. First stone of end should be delivered while ten second white background clock is running.


o   Use of electronic devices, other than stopwatches, is prohibited.