International Tankard 2024

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

March 15-17, 2024 - Completed

International Tankard 2024

The 59th International Tankard is a partnership of the International Tankard Committee of CurlBC and the Pacific Northwest Curling Association. Curling clubs nominate worthy volunteers from British Columbia and the United States to attend this special event to be recognized and participate in a weekend of friendly competition and curling fellowship. Granite Curling Club of Seattle hosts the 2024 competition.

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Teams - 12

Team Name Members W L T
Canada 14 4 0
Canada 1 Tim Loblaw (Port Moody CC), Katherine Johnson (International Tankard Committee), Chris Summers (Royal City CC), Pam Chow (Marpole CC) 3 0 0
Canada 4 Paul Longley (Port Moody CC), Colleen Payne (Mission Granite), April Gale-Seixeiro (Parksville CC), Brian Lesage (Abbotsford CC) 3 0 0
Canada 2 Conner Kent (Port Moody CC), Verna Patterson (Golden Ears CC), Isis Oliviera (Royal City CC), Ross Johnson (International Tankard Committee) 2 1 0
Canada 3 Kate Eisner (Port Moody CC), Jim Carpick (Vancouver CC), Steve Seixeiro (Parksville CC), Monika Rush (Chilliwack CC) 2 1 0
Canada 5 Kathy McInnes (Vancouver CC), Doug Patterson (Golden Ears CC), Lori Goulet (Peach Arch CC), Lana Riva-Crerar (Comox Valley) 2 1 0
Canada 6 Anna Bond (Vancouver CC), Rick Payne (Mission Granite), Rebecca Gibbons (Marpole CC), Kevin Rush (Chilliwack CC) 2 1 0
USA 4 14 0
USA 4 Emily Bissonette (Granite CC), Olivia Andrae (Coyotes CC), Jeff Hicks (Evergreen CC), Neal Digre (Granite CC) 3 0 0
USA 2 Jeff Tomlinson (Evergreen CC), Shannon Brown (Granite CC), Marty Blomgren (Orange County CC), John Juhl (Granite CC) 1 2 0
USA 1 Dean Eriksen (Granite CC), Kaitie Kovach (Granite CC), Jeanie King (Evergreen CC), Tony Morales (Bend CC) 0 3 0
USA 3 Nadyne Krienke (Granite CC), Jim Oller (San Francisco Bay Area CC), Debbie Hicks (Evergreen CC), Matt Selle (Inland Northwest CC) 0 3 0
USA 5 Matt Moore (Inland Northwest CC), Katie Santiago (Granite CC), Daiquirri Street (Evergreen CC), Kevin Neumann (Granite CC) 0 3 0
USA 6 Keith Pawlowich (Ogden CC), Matt Rockett (Evergreen CC), Jason Burge (Bend CC), Jordan Williams (Granite CC) 0 3 0

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