Spring Friday Unders & Overs

The Unders & Overs League is an experimental league to provide a place for juniors to play with their family and friends (parents and other adults patient enough to play with juniors of all ages!).

Teams in this Manager's Choice league will be built with the intention of having (2) Under-18 players and (2) Over-18 players. Games will be 90 minutes long and we have the ability to play with the light rocks if needed.

All ages MUST have completed a learn to curl or played in a league.
Juniors in elementary school are required to register with an adult.
Juniors in elementary MUST be able to deliver a light weight rock the full length of the sheet.
Juniors in middle school and high school can register on their own.
League Managers: Jessica Schultz & Katie Santiago

League Type: 
Manager's Choice
League Dates: 
April 21, 2023 to June 23, 2023
League Times: 
All Genders
Junior Status: 
All Ages
Open for Registration: