You do not have to buy a lot of expensive equipment to start curling. Your immediate must-haves are:

  • A clean, preferrably new, pair of running shoes dedicated to curling (and never worn anywhere except inside the curling club)
  • One or two rubber grippers to fit on your running shoes (available at our ProShop)
  • A step-on or slip-on slider (also available at our ProShop)
  • A delivery device if you require one

Club brooms are available to borrow during your game.

When you would like to upgrade to some good equipment of your own, we suggest that you invest in:

  • A pair of specialized curling shoes
  • Your own broom

If you prefer a crutch for delivery over a broom, Josh Freedman has provided detailed directions on how to build your own delivery device (crutch).

Want to save some money or send your used equipment to a new home? Visit our Equipment Exchange forum to shop for or place an ad to sell used equipment.